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    We are In Design Design’s Fall Greeting Card line-up!  Our images: Yellow Labrador Dog Diesel and Foster Kitten Pink are on Halloween Greeting Cards for sale on Design Design, Inc. Shop Did you know? PIRATE dog is Kelly’s dog Diesel.  The Kitty Inside the Pumpkin is a tiny gray tabby foster kitten named Pink. The pumpkin she is in is so small, you would never guess that a kitten could fit in it. Pink had a brother named Connor. They were in fact Kelly’s foster kittens from birth until they were adopted when they turned 2 months old.  These beautiful fall Greeting Cards can be purchased at Design Design Please…

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    One Photo Saves … How much do you know about Kelly Richardson?

    A picture speaks a thousand words, and Kelly Richardson’s Images speak volumes for the animal rescue community. Our Rescue Photo Program: One Photo Saves      Kelly Richardson is committed toward helping the animal rescue community save lives. Almost all of the animals you see on this site have been saved by a Central Florida Animal Rescue Organization.  They have come to Kelly through her rescue group photo program, One Photo Saves. This program provides rescue groups with complimentary professional photos of animals that are seeking adoption.  The adorable, creative, friendly, heartwarming photographs boost rescue adoption rates, literally saving animals’ lives and create space in a pet foster volunteer’s home for more rescue…