About Kelly

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Kisses, Wiggles & Giggles

The comfort, love, joy, kisses, wiggles and giggles that animals bring to life is something that I believe all people should never live without.  Animals are the inspiration for my art.  Capturing their little personalities in a moment of time is what I do best. Donating free images to help the animals get adopted is what my job is about. Licensing the images so that they can be seen on products in stores and send a message to build awareness for the overpopulation of shelter pets is my long term goal, and what my journey is about.  



black and white kitten sleeping tangled up in garland christmas season

 A picture speaks a thousand words, and Kelly Richardson’s rescue animal photographs speak volumes for the animal rescue community.


****Many of the animals that you see on this site have been saved by Central Florida based animal rescue groups and have come to Kelly through her Rescue Group Photo Program, One Photo Saves. This program provides Orlando area animal rescues with complimentary photos of animals that are seeking adoption. Kelly’s pet photos have helped to boost rescue adoptions, literally saving animal’s lives and opening up space in a pet foster volunteer’s home for another rescue animal.

The Art of Photographing Animals

Empathy and Patience are a must; animals can sense your emotions. Dogs and cats do speak – but only to those who listen. Patience is needed to capture the true spirit of the animal’s character and emotion.  I try to use fun props and things to add a bit of humor, but It is only when I connect with the animal, that the perfect shot is taken. The best part is sharing the image with others and seeing the reaction people get from the images: the smiles and the “awe”. 

Through the years I have found that animals have a great commercial appeal for licensing. I spend a lot of time in post production working on my images from the live shoots to make them more magical. My logo: the symbolic heart and my name kelly, stands for the life, hope and love that myself and my fellow rescue volunteers give to homeless animals. I hope licensing my images will help spread the word and bring awareness and support for all animals around the globe. It is very gratifying knowing, when I license a pet photo, all rescue animals benefit.

Photography is an Investment

Your pets are your children. Why not invest in a beautiful portrait of your beloved pet?  Capture their silly playfulness when they are small and watch them grow. Kelly’s images do more than capture a memory.  Kelly’s images are priceless and classy and will become part of your home’s wall decor. Print your images  as large as you need – Kelly only uses the highest quality camera equipment, large format, glass lenses, and Kelly takes the clearest, sharpest photos. Kelly’s amazing animal portraits have been published again and again – greeting cards, journals, notecards, puzzles in the market place. With many years of experience in the field, Kelly is an expert and performs beyond expectations. Book a Photo Session today.