Watermark Action Tutorial

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Watermark Action Tutorial

Orange and white tabby kitten thanksgiving decoration on burlap and blue

Orange and white tabby kitten thanksgiving decoration on burlap

Creating a watermark action for any image orientation and size. This is very important and better than any watermark action I have seen because it will place your watermark in the center with an automatic alignment feature. No matter what size your image is, the watermark will always be in the center. See image above.

**Some knowledge of Photoshop tools and menu options is needed to follow the steps in this tutorial.

1. Open a photo in Photoshop you would like to add a watermark to.
2. click create new action at the bottom of the actions pallette, name the action: watermark.
3. click record to start recording
4. press ctrl-K to go to photoshop preferences, choose units and rulers pop-up menu, choose percent. click OK
5. Press D to set Foreground color to black.
6. Select the type tool click on the photo (do not create a text box) and type what you want for your watermark. For example I use a copyright symbol with my name. To make a copyright symbol on a keyboard hold down the alt key and then type the numbers 0169. ©kellyrichardson.
7. change font size as neccessary. then click the commit checkbox on the right side of the Options Bar.
8. to put text in middle of document: ctrl-A choose layers>Align Layers to Selection>Vertical Centers. Then choose Layers> Align Layers to Selection>>Horizontal Layers. This will ensure the watermark is exactly in the center of the image no matter what the dimensions are. press ctrl-D to deselect.
9. Add watermark style: dbleclick the watermark layer, click on bevel& emboss, use default settings. go to blending options, drop the fill opacity to 0%. click ok
10. From Layers panel choose flatten all layers.
11. stop recording.
This action can be used from the bridge with Tools>Photoshop>image Processor to batch watermark  groups of files.