Ten Reasons You Can’t Live without a Dog

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Ten Reasons You Can’t Live without a Dog

Top Ten Reasons Why You Can’t, and Shouldn’t Live Without a Dog….

I can’t imagine my life without a dog. I have never lived any other way. Dogs know exactly how to put a smile on your face. They greet you at the front door, tail wagging and all. Dogs want to make you happy. My dogs are so endearing to me. On the eve of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share a list of my top ten reasons why owning a dog is necessary in life (for me anyways).

  1. Dogs will love you no matter what. Unlike humankind, it doesn’t matter what you say to your dog, they will never hold a grudge and will love you forever. Even when you lecture them for chewing your favorite shoe, and put them in timeout, you can bet that within minutes bygones will be bygones. Doggone it- they are so darn cute with their little waggy tails you can’t stay mad at them.
  2. Dogs will always have your back. I know this first hand from my little chihuahua Zeus. Zeus has never bitten anyone, his bark is enough to steer any creepy solicitors away and or potential burglars. And if you are a stranger and get too close, you better believe my little Zeus will plant himself right there in the middle with a big snarl and a growl. I always feel safe when I answer the door with my little guy standing next to me. He is solely devoted to my protection.
  3. Dogs will motivate you to exercise. You never have to wait for your dog to change clothes, put on make-up, or finish work. Your dog will be ready at a moments notice to head out the door for a run, jog or walk. Just grab that leash and go. Dogs love exercise and when you own a dog, there is no excuse. Your dog needs the exercise as much as you do and this alone is motivation to talk a walk and get some fresh air.
  4. Dogs can help you diet. You can bet when it is meal time, and you have overloaded your plate with too much food, your dog will be there to help you finish it. You will never have to feel guilty for leaving food on your plate and never have to throw good food away. Your dog will welcome the chance to help you clean your plate- and I mean clean!
  5. Dogs are 100% reliable and never cancel plans. Unlike human friends that may cancel plans last minute, your dog will never, ever cancel plans with you. Your dog is the perfect friend. Your dog will always be there, tail wagging, ready to hang out 24/7.
  6. Dogs provide comfort and emotional support. Dogs bring smiles and happiness to people of all ages. My yellow lab Diesel – he is always happy, says hello to everyone in the neighborhood. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. He is always wagging his tail and goes out of his way to say hello. His interactions with humans are always positive and happy. He brings joy to the world that he lives in, and makes everyone around him feel special.
  7. Dogs can help teach their owners responsibility. Dogs are not self sufficient and must rely on their owners to care for them. This means feeding, and walking them on a schedule. In addition, owners must bathe them, schedule yearly checkups with the vet and more. Along with the responsibility of owning a dog, dogs teach humans selflessness and comittment.
  8. Dogs help stimulate conversation and give you the confidence to be more social. There’s no doubt about it, walking a happy dog on a leash is an attention grabber. Having a sweet dog by your side can make you much more approachable. It also makes it easier to strike up a conversation with a person that you are interested in meeting. Dogs can definitely help break the ice.
  9. You will never be lonely when you own a dog. To your dog, you are the only thing in life that matters. Your dog will never ignore you, or be too busy on the phone to look at you. Your dog will sit up when you sit up, and follow you around when you walk around. YOur dog will sleep when you sleep and wake up when you wake up. You will never, ever do anything alone when you own a dog.
  10. Love, Love and more love. Dogs love to give affection. Dogs have an enormous loyalty and emotional connection to their owners, unlike any other pet in the animal kingdom. I can guarantee you, no other animal will give you as much love, hugs and attention as a dog. Just like the greeting card above,  Their love “fur” you is never ending. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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