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Holiday Card Collage with just one image

It’s that time of year! Many families are getting family portraits done for their yearly Holiday Cards.  If they are like me, they love that creative collage look that you see for custom greeting cards, but also like the simplicity of using just one photo. Here is something unique and special you can create if…
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How to Photoshop Tutorial: Shape Collage with one Image

Photoshop tutorial: create a shape collage from one image. Click to Download the tutorial with steps, images and screenshot examples. We will use the NEW Photoshop’s Guide Layout to help divide the image into smaller sections. This is a very hand tool to learn as it can be applied to many other designs that need an…
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Spring is in the Air Photoshop Tutorial and add sky

Spring is in the Air Photoshop Tutorial If you like this Image, wait until you see how it was made with a little Photoshop Magic. Here are some  of Kelly’s Photoshop Secrets … PSD Tutorial with two parts : Smooth out background, add a blue sky to a plain blue background. Click to download the Photoshop…
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Add Bokeh Background

  Capture the Colors of Fall with natural brown, rich red, orange and yellow hues.  Add Bokeh background to enrich your original image, adding more color and dimension.  In this Photoshop Tutorial we will be capturing a small part of our image that lends itself to creating a beautiful bokeh background – the colored berries.…
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Clowning Around in Photoshop Tutorial : How To Make a Clown Nose

  Clowning Around in Photoshop CS6 Tutorial: how to make a clown nose. This months photo shoot is dedicated to Beagles and Miss P who won the Westminster Kennel Club title Best in Show.  I advertised an “all call” for Beagles  and this beauty turned up.  This is Lucy who came to us from Deltona,…
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