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One Photo Saves 2016 Helping Rescue Animals get Adopted

The data is in: Kelly’s Program, One Photo Saves, photographed over 300 cats and kittens in 2016 to help them get adopted. Kelly works with local, non-profit, no-kill private animal rescue organizations in Orlando Florida that do not have a shelter. These rescues rely on volunteers to foster the kittens and cats in their homes.…
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KRI and One Photo Saves in Total Art Licensing Magazine 2016

We are VERY proud to announce that Kelly Richardson has a featured article titled “One Photo Saves” in Total Art Licensing magazine Summer/Fall 2016 Issue.  Please read the article here.  This is BIG for the rescue community. This magazine publication will be circulated in several trade fairs and events to over 11,000 readers, with digital…
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One Photo Saves … How much do you know about Kelly Richardson?

A picture speaks a thousand words, and Kelly Richardson’s Images speak volumes for the animal rescue community. Our Rescue Photo Program: One Photo Saves      Kelly Richardson is committed toward helping the animal rescue community save lives. Almost all of the animals you see on this site have been saved by a Central Florida Animal…
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