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Kittens Calendar Fundraiser Donated by KRI

  I am proud to have created and produced the Kittens 2017 Calendar for my favorite local rescue organization Cats-Can, Inc. It is their first Kittens Calendar Fundraiser  (as well as mine).  It was definitely a learning curve as I went along. And alot of fun and hard work went into it.  Many people in rescue have…
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Kitten Season – the rescue cycle begins

While volunteering for Cats-Can, Inc. last week at Petsmart, an interested person asked, where do we get our rescues? Here is an article that details how we rescue, care for, socialize, and vet our kittens/cats through to their adoption day. Orlando, FL –   March 1, 2016 Welcome to kitten season … Cats-Can rescue already has two sets…
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Dear _______, STOP kittens from being euthanized… help rescue kittens

There are hundreds of cats and kittens in need of rescue.  The rescue kittens you see in attached ­­images were literally on “death row”. They were dropped off in a box at the doorstep  of a vet office in Florida.   The sad reality is that rescue kittens like these are given 24-48 hours to get rescued, or they…
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