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Be Mine Valentine … save a heart – an abandoned kittens heart

Be Mine Valentine … Toss the candy and help save a heart Many kittens are left abandoned in front of pet stores and vet offices by our community in hopes that someone will help them.  The animal rescue groups receive phone calls and emails daily. Unfortunately when there is no rescue available to pick them up, they are taken to…
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Cats and Christmas Trees

Cats and Christmas trees can be a dangerous combination. It can be very challenging to keep a cat out of a Christmas tree during the Holiday season. It looks so inviting to a cat whose natural instinct is to climb a tree. But it is best to be very cautious. Christmas trees come with many hazards…
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Pocket full of love – APRIL

  As winter comes to a close, and we begin to put our jeans and winter clothes away (some of us do in Florida anyhow, 91 degree today!) we chose to feature JEANS as our recycled, household, “natural green” material for this months photoshoot: APRIL – a blue jean pocket full of love. Luckily these new little foster…
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