In the Kitchen with Sugar and Flower – AUGUST

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In the Kitchen with Sugar and Flower – AUGUST


LuvKelly Recycles 2015 = “Save the Kittens + Save the Earth” campaign continues …

Each month Kelly Richardson and her team of caring assistants are creating a special pet photo shoot using recycled items that can be found around the house with rescue kittens that were saved and fostered by volunteers at local no-kill rescue organizations in Orlando. We have great hopes that these photoshoot tutorials will inspire creativity and raise awareness for the planet earth and the rescue kittens.
The theme for the LuvKelly Recycles photoshoot for the month of August is:  In the Kitchen with Sugar & Flower.   I knew I was going to be photographing these two adorable kittens. They were just rescued from the shelter and didn’t even have names yet.  I wanted to compliment their beautiful gray fur with something that also contained gray. I sat in my kitchen with a cup of coffee brainstorming… what unique recycled items can I use for this shoot that will really make their gray color pop? And suddenly  it came to me. Actually it was sitting right in front of me as I was getting my second cup of coffee.  The sugar and flour canisters! They would be a perfect way to compliment their color, and they are just the right size!   I proceeded to empty all of the sugar and flour into ziploc baggies, and shine them up for the kitchen kittens photo shoot.  After that, it was pretty easy to name these two cuties – it was only natural for them to be named kitchen kittens Sugar and Flower.
Kitchen KittensFor the background, I wanted to continue with the pure, clean, solid kitchen counter look.  At the same time, I wanted to pop the gray in there too. I knew the blankets I had would not do.
FR_2641T copySo I found some vinyl laminate squares that imitate a marble stone. I taped four together two for the bottom and two for the top and put them on my photo table.  see photo left.
TIP: It is important that you always take a photo of your background without the props and animals. see example.  This photo of the background will have many uses in the future:  to add canvKitchen Kittensas to the image later to make it a tall 5×7 greeting card (see example below), and as a pattern background see above.




Favorite Images from the shoot:

SEE this image on a greeting card at CARD GNOME!  Here is a link to the greeting card I created with this photoshoot, where you can see how  I used the background image for the inside of the card.