Studio Pet Toons celebrate Cinco de Mayo

cinco de mayo greeting cardNew Art has been added to LuvKelly Studio Pet TOONS Greeting Card Collection to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Be among the first to license Kelly Richardon’s NEW innovative Pet Toon Greeting Card Collection. This unique greeting card style has endless possibilities with the enormous collection of studio pet images that Kelly has. Great dane christmas cardThere is one for every holiday, season and occasion, hand picked from Kelly’s many studio pet images. GCPT_1452i_SQbdr What are Studio Pet Toons? The fun part about it is that the designs combines digital art cartoon like accents to the all familiar photo of an adorable pet.  Pirate dog greeting cardConsumers can’t resist how cute and fundamental they are. It’s more than just a photo.  birthday puppy in tub cardGET IN ON THE FUN! Studio Pet Toons ARE what’s IN! 

Here are a few new Studio Pet Toon greeting card designs inspired by Cinco de Mayo upcoming holiday. All LuvKelly Designs can be made to suit manufacturer’s product specs and changed if necessary. There are many other “Cinco de Mayo related” studio pet images in the image-bank with some not posted yet. Simply contact Kelly and specify in your inquiry that you would like to see more Cinco De Mayo Pets and/or Studio Pet Toons.

 Here is a link to the Studio Pet Toons page to see more samples.