Winter Snow Hat – MAY

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Winter Snow Hat – MAY

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For MAY, we are featuring three rescue kittens in my daughter’s favorite winter snow hat.  The rescue kittens are Penny, Charlie and Pippa and believe it or not, they are all siblings. They have been in foster care since they were just three weeks old and are very much used to humans. They love to play and are very social and unafraid.  They enjoyed hanging out in our props and snuggling in the warmth of the snow hat. 

The materials we used: I love this hat, because it is very soft, has great woven yarn texture and we could flip it upside down and hold the ties from above like a purse.  The kittens loved being in the soft, warm, comfy hat so much, they almost fell asleep during the shoot!  The creme color of the snow hat  made it purrr-fect for us to experiment with different colored backgrounds. We used old fleece blankets clipped to our backdrop in yellow, purple and blue.

*LuvKelly Recycles”: Using recycled materials for our Photoshoots with Rescue kittens- we love the earth and our kittens!

*To RECAP: For the entire year of 2015, Kelly Richardson Images has chosen to create a monthly rescue kitten photo shoot with all natural materials and recycled items that can be found around the house. We are going green in an effort to raise community awareness for the planet earth and for the innocent kittens and cats that are in need of rescue. We hope to encourage our communities to recycle to help save the environment, save energy, and help reduce air pollution and greenhouse gasses that depletes the ozone layer of the earth; We hope to raise community awareness for kittens on death row in county shelters, and get help and support for the private rescue organizations that save them,  take them off death row, foster them with adequate supplies, attend to their medical needs and find them a furrr-ever home.

So far these are the featured monthly photo shoots we have done this year:

We couldn’t help ourselves and made the snow hat images into beautiful LONG poster images. These are AWESOME for BOOKMARKS too! Check these out, here are our favorites. To see more in 5×7 FULL greeting card size, click here to go to the Image bank!
In Pocket full of Love, our previous post, we showed how we used JEANS as our recycled, household, “natural green” material. We simply clipped a pair of my husband’s old favorite jeans to a backdrop stand and placed kitten in the back pockets.  Secondly, we cuffed the bottom of the jeans and placed kitten inside the boot legs.  Images from this photo shoot can be seen in the LuvKelly Denim Kitten Gallery.