How to Photoshop Tutorial: Shape Collage with one Image

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How to Photoshop Tutorial: Shape Collage with one Image

Photoshop tutorial: create a shape collage from one image.

Click to Download the tutorial with steps, images and screenshot examples.

We will use the NEW Photoshop’s Guide Layout to help divide the image into smaller sections. This is a very hand tool to learn as it can be applied to many other designs that need an instant grid. You must have Photoshop CC to use this method.   Here is the image before and after:

Photoshop tutorial: create a shape collage from one image. STEPS

Step 1: Create a new document go to File>New  set width 12 in, height 12 in, resolution 300, white background

Step 2: Add a new layer and name it Shapes

Step 3: Make a 3 x 3 grid with gutter, and margin around edges:  go to View>new guide layout

  • set column number to 3 leave the width field empty, set gutter to 80 px

  • click rows, set number to 3, leave height empty, set gutter to 80 px

  • make sure preview box Is selected.

  • Add margins around edges of document: click in the margin checkbox, then set each of the four options top, left, bottom and right to 160 px.

  • Click ok

Step 4: Draw the shapes: select the rectangular marquee tool from the tools panel to draw in shapes. Drag selections around different squares in the 3 x 3 grid begin at one corner and drag to make rectangle. To add press and hold shift key to add next rectangle to it. Continue adding each shape so that all 4 rectangles and center square are selected as one.

Step 5: Fill in the selection with black go to Edit>Fill set contents to black, normal and opacity to 100% click ok.

Step 6: remove the selection and the guides to remove go to Select>deselect. Go to view>clear guides

Step 7: Add a drop shadow to the Shapes Layer. Select shapes layer, click on layer styles, choose drop shadow, settings: blend mode: multiply, opacity 40, angle: 135, use global light, distance 50, spread 0 ,size 50. click ok

Step 8: Open the image you want to use in Photoshop. Go to select>all... go to edit>copy

Step 9: Paste image into shape collage: Switch over to the shape collage document by clicking on its tab.Go to Edit>paste special>paste in place Photoshop pastes and centers the photo in the document. You will see it as a new layer above the shapes layer.

Step 10: create a clipping mask. Select the small menu icon in the upper right corner of the layers panel. Choose create clipping mask. This clips the layer directly in the layer below it.

Step 11:use free transform to resize and reposition image. make sure image layer is selected, Go to edit>free transform pres and hold shift as you drag a corner to lock the aspect ratio. Press enter when done.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  Show your support and help your local animal rescue.