Dear _______, STOP kittens from being euthanized… help rescue kittens

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Dear _______, STOP kittens from being euthanized… help rescue kittens


Little Pumpkin calico foster kitten rescued two weeks ago. She is approx 4 weeks old. IMG_2537

There are hundreds of cats and kittens in need of rescue.  The rescue kittens you see in attached ­­images were literally on “death row”. They were dropped off in a box at the doorstep  of a vet office in Florida.   The sad reality is that rescue kittens like these are given 24-48 hours to get rescued, or they are euthanized.  One can not imagine that anyone would euthanize innocent, homeless kittens, but unfortunately it is the shocking reality.
Kitten in hammock

Khloe tabby gray foster kitten, has been in foster care since she was three weeks old. I have just got word that she has been adopted to a single mom and daughter. She is sweet and cuddly, they will love her. IMG_1716

The fact of the matter is that many rescue organizations are not taking in cats or rescue kittens because the expense to fully vet and foster them is a lot more that the standard adoption fee.  While rescue organizations are not there to make a profit, most if not all of them are in the red.  With the volume of cats that keep multiplying it’s hard for animal rescue groups to take them in, foster and vet them to the adoptable stage, and still be operable.
I personally know foster parents who devote their time, home and love to rescue cats and kittens that the rescue organizations won’t take, funding everything themselves.   The dry food, the wet food, KMS kitten replacement milk and bottles for very young “bottle baby” kittens, cat litter, vet bills and medication quickly add up.   They need help gathering the funds to continue their efforts to save abandoned, surrendered, and death row cats and kittens that deserve nothing more than a loving and caring forever home.
Kitten in Pink Bucket

Beautiful Kimmy is Khloe’s sister. She has bright blue eyes. She reaches up and gives kisses, most affectionate. She has been adopted by my neighbor. IMG_0866

LuvKelly brand is devoted to raise community awareness and money to help foster parents and private organizations continue their mission to rescue, socialize, vet, foster and re-home as many homeless cats/kittens as possible to avoid them from going to a high kill shelter.  A portion of the proceeds generated through licensing these rescue kitten images will go directly to save, support and foster abandoned kittens.
The heart in Luv Kelly stands for each rescue kitten’s heart that is saved and cared for through the efforts of foster par­­ents working with rescue groups. Please support this cause that is so dear to our hearts. Contact Kelly to see more adorable rescue kittens images available for license to support this cause.