Relax it’s Summertime – JULY

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Relax it’s Summertime – JULY



This is what it means to relax.

Memoirs of the Summertime Beach House…

I sink deep down into the comfy cushion couch, I lean my head back onto the soft cashmere pillows.  I am surrounded by an orange glow of golden sunlight that glistens off the wooden floors around me. Through the open door I can see the warm, white sandy beach path, leading the way to the oceans’ edge.  I can smell the salty spray, while I listen to the constant purr of the rolling waves. Wall to wall, at every turn, I feel immersed in peace and calm. – Kelly R.

2015 LuvKelly Recycles Monthly Photography Tutorial Series JULY- Summertime Kitten Relax

To continue with our monthly LuvKelly Recycles with rescue kittens, for July, we wanted to  share this intense feeling of relaxation as described in the Memoirs of the Summertime Beach House above. We call it Relax It’s Summertime. We borrowed a few shell decorations from the beach house that inspired us and carefully prepared our set.  Though the background looks as if it could be real white beach sand, it is actually a recycled ivory colored fleece blanket. Using an f-stop of 2.8 allows the background to blur very nicely with little need for background touch up, and allows the focal point, the kitten’s big beautiful eyes, to stand out.

Our featured rescue kitten is Lovey. She is as sweet as her name. She has been in our foster care since she was just 4 weeks old. She was brought to an adoption event by a little girl and her dad. They found her inside his truck’s wheel well in their front yard all alone. They could not care for her and asked Cats-Can, Inc. to help.  I was volunteering that day, taking photos of the cats and helping with adoptions. I couldn’t resist. I became her foster. Her warm brown tabby coloring matched our set very well.  She loved being inside the shell so much that she began falling asleep. She looked like she belonged, like a hermit crab in a shell.   Lovey is now over 8 weeks old now, big enough to leave foster care and find a furr-ever home.   She will be available for adoption this Saturday at Petsmart.

Photographic Details: Our Photographic Equipment used and settings are: Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Canon Macro 100 mm lens, available window light, f2.8, ss125, iso 100.

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We photographed several kittens from the rescue and have a great variety of shots to share. Here are a few of them:

Summertime Beach TRIVIA:  There is a seashell named after kittens!   It is the colorful Atlantic kitten paw (Plicatula gibosa) seashell. It is a favorite to find along Florida beaches, especially the west coast of Florida in places like Sanibel Island.  The kitten paws are small and colorful with bumpy ridges that fan out like fingers.  Their color is usually a peach or coral orange, but can be reddish or yellow.  The raised bumps of color are marked with thin lines, while the base of the shell is whitish. They are small in size about one inch. The kittenpaw is a scallop.

“LuvKelly Kittens Recycles 2015″ Photo Shoot Tutorial Series” :  For the entire year of 2015, Kelly Richardson Images has chosen to create a monthly rescue kitten photo shoot with all natural materials and recycled items that can be found around the house. We are going green in an effort to raise community awareness for the planet earth and for the innocent kittens and cats that are in need of rescue. We hope to encourage our communities to recycle to help save the environment, save energy, and help reduce air pollution and greenhouse gasses that depletes the ozone layer of the earth; We hope to raise community awareness for kittens on death row in county shelters, and get help and support for the private rescue organizations that save them,  take them off death row, foster them with adequate supplies, attend to their medical needs and find them a furrr-ever home.

So far these are the featured monthly photo shoots we have done this year: