Pumpkin for Fall… and pumpkin for pets too!

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Pumpkin for Fall… and pumpkin for pets too!

Puppy Sleeping on Pumpkin

Here we are in Fall, on the eave of Christmas.  Soon Black Friday will  be here and the Pumpkins for Fall will soon be put away. But not so fast! Pumpkin is for Pets too. Did you know that if you have a puppy or kitten having digestions problems canned pumpkin can help?

Feeding Canned Pumpkin to dogs and cats is a safe and healthy way to remedy digestive issues. When choosing canned pumpkin for your pet, at the grocery store, look for plain, pureed pumpkin, NOT chunks of pumpkin or pumpkin seasoned for pie filling. Pumpkin pie filling contains sugars and spices that may cause even more digestive upset.

Constipation: Canned Pumpkin will add moisture and fiber needed to get your pets digestion moving again.

Diarrhea: Add only a small amount of canned pumpkin to your pet’s food, This will add dietary fiber to their diet which will solidify your pet stools by absorbing excess water and stomach acids. Add a teaspoon or two for cats and small dogs.

Here is an article on the Health benefits Pumpkin Provides for Our Pets from PetMD for more information.

So while you are shopping this fall for Thanksgiving, be sure to grab a can of plain pureed pumpkin just in case you pets may need it someday, pumpkin is for pets too!

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Here are a few of my favorite kitten pumpkin images!

Pumpkin Kittens