Pocket full of love – APRIL

recycled items for photo shoots save rescue kittens


As winter comes to a close, and we begin to put our jeans and winter clothes away (some of us do in Florida anyhow, 91 degree today!) we chose to feature JEANS as our recycled, household, “natural green” material for this months photoshoot: APRIL – a blue jean pocket full of love. Luckily these new little foster kitten critters were only 1.4 pounds and tiny enough to fit inside the pocket of my husband’s favorite old jeans.  The Luvkelly Denim Blue jean kitten gallery has just been added to the image bank, so please have a look!

Meet Pippa, Carly and Penny, our newest foster rescue kittens.  This litter of three kittens was found on the side of a busy road in Orlando rush hour traffic in a box. A passerby driver said that the car in front of them pulled over and put the box on side of road, then left. He says he saw the mother jump out of box, and then get run over.  He pulled over, checked the box, found the three babies and called the rescue. These three sweet little girls have been with us since they were only ten days old and only 5 ounces, with eyes that just opened.  We have enjoyed being their mommy, bottle feeding them every few hours as they grew and grew.  Now they are fully weaned and over two pounds! They are just about ready to go to a furrr-ever home.   They are happy, loving and simply adorable!  All three are scheduled to be “vetted” and will be available for adoption April 18th!  Both Pippa and Penny have already been pre-adopted! Carly, the black kitten with white socks, is still available, and as you can see, she loved playing in the pockets and is very playful and frisky.   She is so cute,  funny and full of love.  She gives kisses and is very social. I will surely miss them, but have to make room to save more kitten’s lives!  KellyLOGOpink