Our Girls are Boys… changing kitten names

Black and white kitten in wainter snow hat hanging up by stringsA few days ago we featured our newest foster rescue kittens in the blue jean denim photo shoot. We had them since they were just 10 days old, and when we got them we were told they were girls.  We gave them the kitten names Penny, Carly and Pippa.  They were about to be “vetted” and almost ready to go home with their prospective adopters. Oh dear, on Monday the day of their vetting, a few hours after I dropped them off,  the vet called me.  At first I became worried that one of them had a difficulty with the surgery.  But then I learned the reason they were calling is because my girls were all boys! Hahaha!  It was very surprising to say the least.  We had to quickly come up with new kitten names,  “boy” names for their medical records… We went with Benny for Penny,  Charlie for Carly, and Pip for Pippa! It didn’t change a thing for their new adopters.  They were still on board whether they were boys or girls:) I just hope they didn’t buy too many pink blankets for their new fur babies!