Mock My Words these Pet Puns are HISS-terical!

adorable studio pet photos

Mock My Words these Pet Puns are HISS-terical!

Tabby kitten valentine

Mew Turn my World Upside Down, in the best way PAW-sible.  This has got to be one of the cutest pet images, though there are so many in my image library it is difficult to CHEWS.   There is nothing like experiencing the love I get from fostering kittens. And with my camera I am able to CAT-ure a great variety of expressions and their moods. (Including the CAT-titudes!).  So, who would be PURR-fect to write the text FUR these adorable Pet Images I have? Being there, experiencing the feelings,  PURR-haps MEOW!

Given that this day is FURRY special, I thought it would be a wonder-FUR time to introduce this new Greeting Card Line. I hope MEW Art Licensees love my idea. I have a FELINE it will help improve your sales if you give my PURR-fect Pet Puns a try.   MOCK my words, these are PAW dropping pet puns that will make you laugh.  They are PURR-iceless. There’s nothing better than the MEOW-raige of PAW-fect words with text.  I think I have hit the sweet SPOT on this Valentine’s Day.  So Let’s CAT this show on the road…. Here are a few of my favorites for Valentine’s Day.

I have created cards for the entire year and am looking FUR some-PAW-dy  to license the entire range in a display. So, who’s ready to PURR-mote and sell my brand? I PURR-omise you will be im-PURR-essed. I am a FURRY dediCATed FUR-end.