Marvelous Mock-Ups Gift bags

adorable studio pet photos

Marvelous Mock-Ups Gift bags


Gift Bags are a necessity ALL year long.  Gifts NEED Gift bags, and Consumers love to give Gifts! Busy consumers love gift bags. Along with a Greeting Card, Gift Bags are an ESSENTIAL item in gift giving.  Many times, consumers purchase gift bags in collections of 2-4.  When gift giving more than one gift, consumers tend to purchase cohesive gift bags that coordinate with each other.  We created these Spring kitten and puppy Mock-up Gift Bags in coordinating groups to show off how beautiful, adorable, seasonal and versatile our pet images can be…  Below, we have featured Gift Bag Mock-ups for Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Spring, Florals, Birthday, All Occasion, and added a few adorable Bottle Bag mock-ups for Christmas time. We have pet images for every occasion all year long.

We love to see our images on Gift Bags- How can these adorable little faces NOT bring a smile? They are IRRESISTIBLE.  Speaking as a consumer, I would reach for a cute puppy or kitty photo gift bag instead of a colored design- EVERY single time. 

All of these images are available for license in Galleries. **The Christmas Gift bags below are “Bottle Bag” Mock-ups. 

Go to the IMAGE BANK to download this gallery as a Multipage PDF for submission