Kraft Azalea Park Outdoor Location for a Photo Session

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Kraft Azalea Park Outdoor Location for a Photo Session


_ri_5290_8x10cKraft Azalea Park is a a great destination for an outdoor location photo session, but it is no secret! – It seems all the local photographers know about it. We went out on a Thursday at 4 pm hoping it wouldn’t be as crowded as a weekend.  There were several photographers out this day. One photographer brought a leather ottomon couch as a prop for a family photo session, with a few light reflectors and lights. Unfortunately for us, they were set up right in the front of my favorite back lit area.   Meanwhile, a couple was getting married in front of the large tall columns.  We waited patiently. As we walked around, we saw the many photo opportunities there are: beautiful scenery with tall trees with moss canopies, a lake behind, boardwalk, park benches and more. Through the shade of the trees, there were many lighting opportunities available. Sidelighting, backlighting and frontlighting – every shot lending itself to a new lighting condition.

The gallery below are a few sample photos taken in this outdoor location: beautiful greenery and trees, park bench, and columns. We used afternoon lighting in the shade which gave a warm tone to the photos.

Outdoor Location: Kraft Azalea Park: 1429 Alabama Drive, Winter Park, Fl 32789

BELOW: An alternative outdoor location: THE NEIGHBORS YARD!
In a pinch, you will find yourself wandering outside your own home to find a great outdoor location. It may not be your own yard, but if you look hard enough you will find a good spot.
We didn’t have enough time in the day to make a trip to Kraft Azalea Park before the Homecoming dance, so we looked around a little and discovered our neighbor’s yard!  I just don’t know if Kraft Azalea Park can top the beauty of the colors in this landscape – the way they compliment her plain colored dress, and the pink in the landscape repeating in her skin tone.  What do you think?