Card Gnome Interviews Kelly Richardson

CardgnomesliderGetting Personal… answering interview questions with Card Gnome.
Card Gnome is a very unique online Greeting Card Shop that I recently discovered,  Card Gnome Welcomes LuvKelly  (previous blog post)” . I absolutely love this store and I truly believe the people who created this smart, efficient way to send greeting cards are incredibly talented.
So when I was approached by the marketing department at Card Gnome, who asked if I would participate in an online interview as a featured artist for their online greeting card store blog, I immediately said Yes! They told me I would be their first featured artist for their store, and with over 200 artists to choose from, I felt very honored.
IMG_0319_avatar200x200Answering the interview questions really took me back in time!   I even learned more about my self in the reflection.  If you are interested in getting to know me better personally, with answers to questions about my early beginnings, interest in photography/card-making, my favorite photographer/rolemodels, and inspiration for my images, please take a look.  Here is a link to the Card Gnome interview and the online greeting card store.
Card Gnome is the “smartest, most efficient” way to send greeting cards in the 21st century, so get on board, support my fellow artists,  or better yet, support rescue kittens (My LuvKelly store) and use Card Gnome to send your next greeting card!


WANT TO KNOW WHY CARD GNOME IS AWESOME? Let’s take a look at how much time can be saved by sending a card from Card Gnome.  Traditionally, when sending a greeting card, one has to purchase it: either online and mail to self, or in a store. Then one would take it home,  find a pen, write a message, sign it, and address it. Then one has to buy a stamp at the post office, put the card in a mail box, which then takes a few more days to finally arrive to the recipient.  With Card Gnome, you can do this ALL of this in one step, and save so much time.

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