How to Make a Watermark Brush

watermark an imageHOW TO MAKE A “WATERMARK” BRUSH
In previous tutorial, I have explained how to make an action to place a watermark exactly in the center of your image. You can batch edit and watermark hundreds of images at a time with the action. So, why would you want to make a watermarking brush? It is useful for times when you want to customize the watermark, placing it in a more strategic place on the image, make a statement with different colors, and/or change its size easily.

how to make a watermarkSTEPS: Click here to get downloadable PDF howtomakewatermarkbrush with screenshots

  1. Open photoshop – go to file> new. Create a new page. For a long signature, I create a page that is approx 3000 pixels wide and 1000 long, resolution: 300 background: transparent click ok
  2. Ctrl-j to cuplicate layer, then click text tool. Type text for your watermark. To make a copyright symbol, simply hold down alt and type 0169 and a copyright symbol will appear. ©typeyourname Adjust font type, size etc to your liking.
  3. Right click right side of text layer and menu will appear. choose convert to shape.
  4.  Go to edit select define brush preset, name it and click ok
  5. To add watermark to photo: Open image in photoshop, ctrl-j to duplicate layer. click create a new layer.
  6. Press D and make sure foreground color chip is black. go to brush tool select “watermark” brush. click on new layer, click once to stamp on image in black. If you prefer the watermark to be less visible, change the flow of the brush to a lower percentage, then stamp it. Stamp size can be changed easily by changing the size of the brush. color can be changed in this way too.
  7. Done. Your new brush should be in the brush sets. and you can stamp your watermark on anything, in any color or position you want! Shapes from the shape menu can also be used, as well as a handwritten signature!Thanksgiving Kitten Basket