BOO Halloween Rescue Kitten

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BOO Halloween Rescue Kitten

You've Been Booed

You’ve been BOO’d! It’s your turn now… to pass it on, I’ll tell you how. Choose a neighbor, friend or anyone, Who needs some special “spooky” fun!  And when you’ve made your secret pick,  Let Halloween kitten do the “trick”!

Have you ever been Boo’d? In my neighborhood it is tradition. When we first moved to the neighborhood, I’ll never forget when we got Boo’d.  The doorbell range in the evening, but noone was there!  Someone left a bag of candy with this cute little poem attached.  My kids LOVED it!  First my children ate up all of the candy. Next they went to work to rewrite the poem and fill a new bag with candy.  The most fun they had was being able to “ding dong ditch” their best friends, leaving behind a special Halloween surprise.  If you have never done this with your children, you MUST start now!
To follow tradition, (a little on the techy side), I have created this cute little Halloween Kitten Boo Card for all of my followers.  Tweet it, post it, share it! It can be used as wallpaper for your cell phones.   Have fun and have a safe Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!