Wanted: Mad Dog Paw, Halloween Dog Outlaw

HC_4303This here is the one and only MAD DOG PAW aka Diesel. He belongs to Kelly Richardson herself! He is wanted for disturbin’ the peace. He was caught pool hoppin’ in the Maitland Orlando neighborhood, he even crashed a 2nd grade pool party! He has been reported more than a dozen times for trespassin’. Citizens are concerned he may be loose on Halloween – a Halloween DOG stealin’ candy from lil’ trick or treaters.  Be the first to catch him! License this here design.  REWARD in the large sum of $1 will be given to the first Bounty License Hunter to get him.  There are other rewards posted for “Halloween Dog Outlaws” in the Fall harvest and Halloween Gallery in the image-bank.  Feel free to Bounty License as many as you can!