Halloween Boo … from the Phantom Kitty

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Halloween Boo … from the Phantom Kitty

Phantom Kitten Halloween BOOWith just days before Halloween, it’s time to get the fun rolling with some Halloween BOO.  What is a Halloween BOO? It is one of my family’s most favorite traditions at Halloween time!  The kids see it as a way of getting away with the old “ding-dong-ditch”.  I see it as a way of spreading Holiday Fun!
A Halloween BOO is sometimes called “ghosting” or “the phantom”. It is a tradition very similar to “secret Santa”.  It usually takes place in neighborhoods, however it could be in a workplace.  My family and I make up 2-3 bags or baskets of yummy treats, we print off a few BOO Poems, and then sneak out into the night (of course dressed in black) and secretly deliver them – ding-dong-ditch and leave it at the doorstep!
In turn, the lucky BOO-ees are asked to BOO two other neighbors, leading to a chain reaction–and lots of BOO-eautiful Halloween fun!
To start a BOO in your neighborhood, DOWNLOAD the PHANTOM KITTY BOO card from the link below. Make a small gift basket for each BOO-ee on your list and add a copy of the BOO card and, here comes the fun! Get all dressed up in black, grab those flashlights, and deliver the BOO’s secretly to a your neighbor’s doorstep. For even more fun, stick around inconspicuously, and watch your neighbors’ reaction!

For all of my TECHY friends out there use the link below and share it!  TWEET it, RT, POST it, SHARE it, LINK it, PIN it, and use it as your cell phone wallpaper….


Ready? Set? BOO … let the Halloween Phantom Kitty BOO for YOU!   MOST of all, Have a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Here is what it says: “You’ve been BOO-ed! It’s your turn now… to pass it on, I’ll tell you how. Choose a neighbor, friend or anyone, Who needs some special “spooky” fun!  And when you’ve made your secret pick,  Let Halloween kitten do the “trick”!”