Purr-fect Holiday Gifts for Pets

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Purr-fect Holiday Gifts for Pets

Kitten in Glitter christmas gift bag

Kitten in Glitter christmas gift bag

It may seem silly, but if you are a bona fide pet lover you probably have a Christmas Stocking hanging on your mantle for your pet, just as I do! We spoil and love our pets as if they were our children.  They provide unconditional love and never talk back!

Kitten in Glitter christmas gift bag
Though at times, our pets can try our patience and be a little NAUGHTY … For the most part, I would have to say my pets are NICE!

Here is a list of my TOP 10 Holiday Gifts for Pets that I guarantee will be a big hit with your pet on Christmas morning!

1. Ever thought about a pet sling? We found  Hugamonkey Adjustable Classic Dog Cat Pet Sling, Medium, Black
A fellow rescue friend says that to help tame and socialize the feral kittens/cats that we rescue and prepare them for adoption, she carries them around her home with a sling! I love the idea- helping them adjust to human surroundings close at heart – literally! free 2 day shipping!

2. This kitty tower:  Go Pet Club 77-Inch Cat Tree, Brown/Black
is sure to make your indoor cat feel outdoors and will definitely deter it from scratching your precious furniture! Check this big daddy tower out, and it is 66% off- a great bargain in time for christmas.



3. Give your cat a Christmas gift that you will benefit from! Gone are the days of scooping with this

Litter-Robot III Open-Air – Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box  This is definitely on my wish list!

4B00A3A0GB0.  Coordinate your pets pajamas to match yours on Christmas Morning! I love these!!! Classic Holiday Nordic Matching Pajamas for the Whole Family, Dogs Medium





5. Traveling with your small dog? This will help your pet stay out of trouble when you are spending time with family and friends … Pet 45″ Playpen Foldable Portable Dog/Cat/Puppy Exercise Kennel For Small medium Large. The Best Indoor And Outdoor Pen. With Cary Bag. Easily Sets Up & Folds Down & Space Free


6. If you want to camoflauge your cat’s litterbox into a piece of furniture, this is Purr-fect! Check it out! Merry Pet Cat Washroom / Night Stand Pet House




7. This is an adorable little dog house any pampered pooch would love… Merry Pet MPS002 Wood Room with a View Pet House

8. PERSONALIZE it!  Check out this store we just found, it is called Personalizationmall.com    We found personalized food mats, toy baskets, treat jars, food bowls +more

Personalized Meal Mat for Dogs - Doggie Delights - 12127Personalized Dog Toy Baskets - 12141Personalized Dog Treat Jar - Doggie Diner - 13335Personalized Dog Food Bowls - Doggie Delights - 12129

9. BUY the  TOTAL Package in a gift basket. Let someone else do all the work for you… GreatArrivals.com has pre-made gift baskets for your special dog.  But we are sad they forgot about our sweet kittens and have no baskets for cats…. 🙁 Must send them a note from Santa to please have their Great Arrival elves make a basket for kittens and cats next year!

All About Your Pooch!: Pet Dog Gift BasketYou & Your Pooch!: Pet Dog Gift BasketPuppy Power: New Pet Gift Basket

10. This Holiday Harry Barker is feeling festive…  With a name like Barker you can bet this store has a lot of unique gifts for dog lovers… Here are a few traditional designs that caught our eye…

Red & White Stripe Dog Play Balls Gift BucketSanta BucketBowtie Biscuit Tin


****ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kelly Richardson is a photographer and animal welfare advocate in the US. She licenses  LuvKelly pet photos to bring awareness to pets that are homeless, surrendered, and abandoned in high-kill shelters in need of rescue.  She resides in Orlando Florida and works with local rescue groups in the surrounding area, donating her photography for pet web pages to help get pet adopted. She also volunteers at adoption events and is a kitty foster mom.  Please contact her for more information if you are interested in licensing any pet photos.

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Christmas Glows with love Kittens

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