Fall Photography with Rescue Kittens

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Fall Photography with Rescue Kittens

Kitten in Pumpkin Basket

IMG_2978 Foster rescue kitten Pumpkin in an orange basket of fall leaves.

Fall is in Florida. With the latest cool weather as inspiration, we decided to devote this week’s Fall Photography shoot to feature rescue kittens with the warm colors of Fall.  We have been having a great time with it.  We enjoy shooting the kittens using window light.  Lately I have been shooting with my 100 mm macro lens that is super sharp, and am loving the results. Leaves have not turned in florida, so we used artificial, but with an f-stop of 2.8,  it goes unnoticeable.    I am also using a soft flash that is bouncing off the ceiling so that I can keep my ISO as low as possible and give the photo a nice glow. I used a pretty orange peach fleece blanket for the background. Our little foster kitten Pumpkin sure loved it.  She especially enjoyed playing in the leaves and scattering them all over the floor!
The kids helped make the props- we found carveable pumpkins at the craft store.  Pink demanded to be involved in the shoot.  She jumped inside of the pumpkin all by herself and waited there until it was her turn!  She loved playing hide and seek in the pumpkins. Here are some fun and really cute pics from the shoot.
We have a variety of images from the fall photo shoot with several different types of baskets. It went really well! We also have a beautiful foster rescue kitten, orange tabby named Leo.  Leo is very special in that he was very sick when brought in, he struggled very much – and with lots of foster parent love and attention, and a little help from the vet, he survived!  Now he is in purr-fect health and ready for adoption next week.  Orange Kitten inside wood basket pumpkinHe is a lion on the outside some hissing and a little growl, but a true lover on the inside when given a chance. He plays and cuddles with Pumpkin, Boots, and Pink.  You would never guess that he is so shy with humans, but he sure is. Click here to see the new Rescue Kitten Fall Gallery 2014 that has just been posted. There you will see these images along with many more in several different size crops available for license.  As always, proceeds from licensing these images will go directly to benefit the foster rescue kittens.
Thanksgiving Kitten in Basket