Many Thanks for our new Fall greeting cards ….

adorable studio pet photos

Many Thanks for our new Fall greeting cards ….

We are especially thankful this year ….

We are In Design Design’s Fall Greeting Cards line-up! 

OUR Fall greeting cards samples came in the mail…. HURRAY!  thank you Design Design for licensing our pet images! We are very proud to see our little Allie kitten- just adorable wearing the thanksgiving day turkey baby bib. She is the newest addition to the assortment of our fall pet images that are licensed on design design Products.

Did you know? 

PIRATE dog is Kelly’s dog Diesel.  The Kitty Inside the Pumpkin is a tiny gray tabby named Pink. The pumpkin she is in is so small, you would never guess that a kitten could fit in it. It looks much bigger in the card. All three of these beautiful fall Greeting Cards can be purchased at Design Design Please help support our mission to help rescue animals and purchase your fall greeting cards from them! Kelly receives a small percent of the sale that goes directly to help fund her foster kittens. Here are the links to each of the greeting cards below where you can purchase Kelly’s photography.

Food Coma Kitty Thanksgiving Day Card 

Pirate Dog Halloween Card

Kitty Inside Pumpkin Halloween Card