Dalmatian Photo Session is SPOT on!

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Dalmatian Photo Session is SPOT on!

Dalmatian Puppy in white hammock, light blue background.

Congratulations and a huge thank you to Kristi and her new baby girl puppy Dalmatian Jazmin.  Take a look at this adorable and unique Liver spotted Dalmatian puppy with different colored eyes: one blue, one brown. This puppy has the sweetest nature and personality and was an absolute joy to work with. We shot a variety of images for Birthday, St. Patricks Day and Easter. These will make great images for the Greeting Card and gift Industry. Dalmatian Puppy in white hammock, light blue background.We also shot many classic everyday images that will be perfect for notecards, journals, posters and framed wall decor. Those which will make an excellent keepsake for Kristi to remember when she adopted her new baby girl. Please contact Kelly to see more of this adorable Dalmatian from the shoot.


I have had alot of questions about my equipment so here is what I used for this Dalmatian photo session:

Photography Equipment:  I used my Canon 5D Mark III switching lenses between the Canon 24-70 and the 100 mm 2.8 L series macro fixed. The quality of the lens you use makes a huge difference in quality of the image. L series lense are the best glass in the Canon line. 

My lighting: Alien Bees single light fitted with a new 36 x 48 rectangle soft box, along with window light from left side.

**CUSTOM WHITE BALANCE: For every single shoot i do, i use a gray card to customize my white balance. Every photographer should have one, especially when you are combining light from different light sources. Below is one on Amazon for less than $10 you can have perfect lighting every time. If you don’t know how to set your white balance with a gray card, just read your owner’s manual, it will explain how. 

***PHOTOSHOP CC: For editing, I always check focus at 100%, if it is not in focus it gets trashed. I use a stamp/clone tool to clean the face, dirt, stray hairs.  I use a paint and then blur tool to smooth out the background in Photoshop CC. I have recently begun using a noise filter to help stop the banding effect that the background transitions of color sometimes create. Photoshop CC is a monthly subscription.

Below links to my photo equipment: