Upcoming 2017 Christmas Products

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Upcoming 2017 Christmas Products

Upcoming Christmas Products 2017

Here is the line-up – a few of my Christmas Pet Images that were licensed and published on Christmas Products for the upcoming 2017 Christmas season. 

SLEEPING kitten SANTA – Prudent Publishing 

I would like to thank my friends at Prudent Publishing for adding our adorable Santa’s Pet Christmas Card to their Holiday Card Collection Christmas Products. I absolutely love the greeting card design Prudent created with my image.  I also have to say that this company is so generous with the samples that they provide. WOW! I couldn’t have asked for more. Their generosity is over the top and so is their company. We love working with them, so very much!




Peaceful Pile Of Pups

Peaceful Pile of Pups – Barton Cotton

I would like to thank my friends at Barton Cotton for licensing the Peaceful Pile of Pups. This is the third year in a row Barton has licensed the pups  in their Holiday Card Center for National Geographic and Ducks Unlimited. I appreciate their support very much! They have been supporting our cause from the very beginning.

Christmas Gift Bags – FLOMO

I am very grateful to my friends at FLOMO/Nygala Corp for licensing another 8 of our adorable Christmas Puppy and Kitten Images for their Christmas Products. I love the gift bag samples that FLOMO sent so much. Everyone in my family will be receiving a FLOMO gift bag with their gifts this year! I especially love the meticulous design work that goes into their gift bags: from the small gift bag card to the decorative sides of the bags. FLOMO has always supported us. I have a great appreciation for this company.