Cats and Cold Weather … time to help!

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Cats and Cold Weather … time to help!


Denver kitten was rescued, found abandoned with his five siblings at just ten days old. Here he is photographed with a decorative sleigh on a white background.

Cute kitten wearing a winter scarf and hatBrrrr… It’s cold outside! As the weather gets colder, we begin to worry about the cats and cold weather outside.  Can cats survive in the cold weather? Feral and stray cats need help surviving the winter. It is up to our communities to help them.
Have you ever seen this video? It is heart wrenching. It is about the Bingham family in Utah. It was the night before Thanksgiving, when almost a foot of snow fell.  The family went outside the next morning to play in the powdery snow, and stumbled upon a frozen kitten, partially buried under the falling snow. The kitten was not breathing, not moving. After hours of trying to defrost the little kitten by the fire, they were able to revive the him. You must see this video. Here is the news broadcast from FOX station. Watching this video will make you want to help keep cats in cold weather!
Here are some ways you can help feral and stray cats in cold weather in your neighborhood. Make it a fun project- gather your neighbors and have a shelter making party!

Dasher rescue kitten, Denver’s brother. Playing on decorative sleigh on a white background.

  1. Build an outdoor cat shelter. This can be easy and inexpensive. Here is an article from neighborhood catshow to build a feral cat shelter. It has several types of shelters that can be made with detailed instructions and photos. Some shelters can be made with household materials such as a plastic bin, no carpentry needed. Keep the shelter small, not too large.  The cat will use its body heat to stay warm. Use fillings such as pillowcases with shredded newspapers, or peanut fillings for cats to burrow in.
  2. Place food and water near the shelter. Do not place water inside, it will spill and make a wet bedding. There are ways to keep the water from freezing. Here is an article from neighborhood cats with tips on how to keep the water from freezing.