How to Make Bokeh in Photoshop

li_2286backgroundHow to Make Bokeh in Photoshop using CS6


Making background BOKEH in Photoshop CS6 Tutorial from Kelly Richardson

treepatternTREE BACKGROUND If you have a large tree available you can skip this step. Just take a photo of the center of it. If all you can find is a small little tree follow these steps to fill the page with the tree branches.

  • STEP 1: Take a photo of tree on white background. isolate the image using the refine edge tool. Save as a PSD file.
  • STEP 2: Create a new document: File>new white background, as large as you want it.
  • STEP 3: Drag the isolated tree psd file to your new document
  • STEP 4: Make duplicate layers of the tree by clicking on the tree layer and then ctrl-j. Randomly move the tree layers to fill up page. Save as PSD file.
  • STEP 5: Flatten image go to layer>flatten image.


blurscreenshotFIELD BLUR

  • Use the flattened tree image. Go to filter>Blur>Field Blur. **note: if image is not flattened, you will not be able to use the field blur tool.
  • Check the field blur box, blur to your liking. I blurred mine to approx 140 px.
  • Check the bokeh box, settings: light bokeh: 50%, color bokeh 50% light range between 160 and 255. Adjust to your liking.
  • Click ok when done.

img_backgroundlightssatPhoto to left is a section of the tree bokeh paper that was made. I changed the colors by using the Image>new adjustment layer>saturation, and also image>new adjustment layer> color balance. Play with the sliders until you see a color you like that will match the subject you are going to place in front of it. Now you are ready to use your background and get creative!




Christmas Greeting Card

The Power of an Isolated Image – Christmas Design 4926

What a capture! It can't get much cuter than that! isolated image petstockimages_img_4926
What a capture! It can’t get much cuter than that! isolated image petstockimages_img_4926

The Power of an Isolated Image – Christmas Design  PetstockImages_IMG_4926 tiny chihuahua peeking out of red gift, isolated image – a designer’s dream – how to make this card.

This adorable isolated image of a chihuahua puppy peeking out of a red gift box can certainly stand alone on a white background to get attention and a big SMILE.

Isolated images never cease to lose their popularity in the consumer market. There is a great demand in the consumer marketplace for this simple, high key look. Many consumers like a “clean”, uncluttered look. The idea of simplification appeals to many who live a busy lifestyle.

Isolated Images are LOVED by Designers, Advertisers and Publishers TOO. There are many advantages of an isolated image for their purposes. There is no competing for space for copy in the image,  additional background images and any color can be easily added to suit product needs. Any text, any objects, any color, and any pattern, all can be popped right in the background if the image has been isolated properly, with little or no work.  This makes for a very attractive purchase with an image that has so much versatility.

petstockimages_img_4926 What a CAPTURE! It can’t get much cuter than that!

This one image can be used for a variety of purposes: Birthday, Christmas,  Valentine’s Day and more. Click to buy the image.

Isolated images have endless possibilities – if you can imagine it, you can create it!

Stay Tuned for a free Photoshop Tutorial with step by step directions to make background bokeh.

Christmas Greeting Card 4926: Make this card: Photograph your Christmas Tree, then use Photoshop to run blur filter to make bokeh background.
Christmas Greeting Card with isolated image 4926: Make this card: Photograph your Christmas Tree, then use Photoshop to run blur filter to make bokeh background.

Labrador Retriever Puppy Photo Shoot


Yellow Labrador Puppy Playing Christmas Decoration IsolatedYellow Labrador Puppy Photo Shoot

my awesome assistant, my daughter

Our newest yellow Labrador Retriever puppy photo shoot that will capture your heart. All images are ready for license. Look through this blog post gallery for the most outstanding puppy images available online. All crop sizes available

We had  three amazing yellow labrador puppy photo shoots with a local AKC Certified Labrador Retriever Dog Breeder, who shared her sweet puppies with us. We got to watch them grow as they turned 6 weeks, 8 weeks and 10 weeks.   They were playful, relaxed, sleepy and my daughter couldn’t get enough hugs and kisses as she helped me with the shoots, as you can see from the photo of her with one of the puppies. If all of the puppies were not already adopted, I am betting we would have taken one home!
We photographed a variety of puppy images with fun props that will be suitable for ads, greeting cards, and any products that need a loveable, huggable,  kissable puppy on  them! We began with some isolated images and then took a few with a baby blue background, burlap and purple.  These images are hot off the press.  Kelly Richardson Images has been editing through hundreds of images and choosing only the best to present to our licensees.
Here are our most outstanding images available to license now. please go to the Image-bank to get the downloadable PDF for Art Submission. All images ©kelly richardson 2016, all rights reserved.

Making Kitten Flowers Bloom …

Kitten Flowers – Kittens in Full Bloom was one of the most fun photo shoots that we have done. We got very crafty making kitten flowers blooms and designed the head pieces ourselves with craft store supplies: artificial flowers, syrofoam discs, scissors, exacto knife, and craft glue. We took photos as we created to give you an idea of how it was made.  We were inspired by Mother’s Day and Summertime Sunflowers for these photo shoots. We wanted to create something special that all moms would love for products. We tried two different types of flowers: a sunflower and pink hydrangea bush flower.
The first was the large sunflower. It is sold at craft store in this huge size! The headpiece is pretty much pre-assembled, you just need to cut the center out to fit over the kitten’s head. It was fairly easy to do.
First we took the sunflower heads off of the stems. Then we went to work peeling off a few layers off the back to make it thinned. Then we cut through the top, pointing our exacto at an angle, much like the angle you use when cutting a matte for a frame.  _MG_7787We used a drinking glass as our guide to make a circle. We cut through the back layers like a star and and glued the layers into the inside to cover up the foam that was showing through.



Cute tabby kitten hiding in the middle of a pink flower bush inside of a terra cotta garden pot, photographed on an isolated white background.

The second floral headpiece was not pre-assembled like the sunflower, so it took a little more time to make. We used an artificial pink hydrangea bush stem that we purchased at a craft store. To build the base we used a green styro foam disc. We used a glass cup to trace a circle on the foam disc and cut out. Then we took the leaves off the bush. We peeled the leaves off of the wire veins and glued them on first. We left some areas of the green disc empty of the leaves, so we would have a place to secure the flowers. We added a layer of leaves to the bottom to ensure there was no green foam showing from the sides. We also used the leaves to wrap the inside center.  we kept the flowers together in their bouquet groups and stuck them in the foam and glued to secure.



Hydrangea macrophylis bush, pink flowers, with ten young tabby kittens peeking through.

We shot the pink flower kittens on white, so that we could isolated them from the background and create the pink flower kitten collage. We loved it so much we made it into a desktop wallpaper, it is on the wallpaper page for you to download. We hope you enjoy!  We would love to see this adorable flower collage become a large piece puzzle. We think both seniors and children would love it!





Free St Patricks Day Pets Phone screen savers … get your green on!

Irish St Patricks Day Kitten © kelly richardson



St Patricks Day Pets Images free downloadable wallpaper and screen savers for your phones and tablets here. Better get some green on – on your phone at least! Don’t get in a pinch – or get pinched for that matter! Best to be wearing your green on a day like today… the leprechauns will be watching, and hopefully it will be your Lucky Day! Here are some favorite cute St Patricks Day Pets Images for your screen savers and to share.  If your lucky you just might get a KISS! see photo below 🙂 Happy St. Patrick’s Day From all of here at Kelly Richardson Images Studios. Click to go to media file and download to your phone by saving image.


Adorable Irish St Patricks Day Chihuahua Dog Kiss Me

Handsome St Patricks Day Beagle Dog Wearing a green shamrock neck tie

St Patricks day pets iphone screen saver

FUN Patterns in Photoshop Series – how to… simple pattern

Roscoe is a rescue, a chihuahua daschund yorkie mix. Momma was turned into shelter while pregnant. The litter of three and mom are being raised in foster care until they are able to be adopted.

Photoshop has pre-installed patterns, however you may not find what you need. You can simply make your own patterns. Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to make a simple pattern – symmetrical circle pattern in Photoshop. This is the first of the how to “making patterns series” presented by Kelly Richardson.


STEP 1: Open a new photoshop document: go to File- New. Use a square dimension such as width: 300 pixels x 300 pixels resolution 72, make background contents transparent.

STEP 2. Add Guides Through The Center Of The Document. This will indicate the exact center of our document. Go to View > New Guide.
Select Horizontal for the Orientation, then enter 50% for the Position. Click OK (you’ll see a horizontal guide appear through the center of the document)
Go back up to the View menu and choose New Guide. This time select Vertical for the Orientation and again enter 50% for the Position.

STEP 3. Make your pattern. You can create very complex patterns in Photoshop, or they can be as simple as, say, a repeating dot or circle. In this example we will use a circle to create a polka dot pattern. Draw a circle in the center of the document by click and hold on the Rectangular Marquee Tool, then select the Elliptical Marquee Tool. With the Elliptical Marquee Tool selected, move the crosshair directly over the intersection point of the guides in the center of the document. Hold down Shift+Alt (Win) / Shift+Option (Mac), click in the center of the document, then with your mouse button still held down, drag out a circular selection. Holding the Shift key as you drag will force the shape of the selection into a perfect circle, while the Alt (Win) / Option (Mac) key tells Photoshop to draw the selection outline from the center.

STEP 4. Fill the Circle with color. Go to Edit > Fill. This opens the Fill dialog box, choose a color to fill the selection with. Click OK to close out of the dialog box. Photoshop fills the circular selection with color. Go up to the Select menu at the top of the screen and choose Deselect.

STEP 5. Make a copy of the layer Go to Layer > New > Layer via Copy.

STEP 6. Apply the Offset Filter. (With just this one circle added in the center of the tile, we could save the tile as a pattern, but let’s make it look a bit more interesting before we do that- Apply The Offset Filter.  When designing tiles to use as repeating patterns, there’s one filter you’ll use almost every time, and that’s Offset.)   Go to Filter > Other > Offset. This opens the Offset filter dialog box. The Offset filter moves, or offsets, the contents of a layer by a specified number of pixels either horizontally, vertically, or both. When creating simple repeating patterns like the one we’re designing here, you’ll want to enter half the width of your document into the Horizontal input box and half the height of your document into the Vertical input box. In our case, we’re working with a 300 px x 300 px document, so set the Horizontal option to 150 pixels and the Vertical option also to 150 pixels. At the bottom of the dialog box, in the Undefined Areas section, make sure Wrap Around is selected. Click OK to close out of the dialog box.    In the document window, we see that the Offset filter has taken the copy of the circle we made in the previous step and split it into four equal parts, placing them in the corners of the document. The circle remaining in the center is the original circle we drew on Layer 1: One of the circles has been offset by 50%.Circle Pattern Photoshop

STEP 7.  Define The Tile As A Pattern. With the tile designed, let’s save it as an actual pattern, a process Photoshop refers to as “defining a pattern”. Go to Edit > Define Pattern.
Photoshop will pop open a dialog box asking you to name the new pattern. It’s a good idea to include the dimensions of the tile in the name of the pattern in case you design several similar tiles at different sizes. In this case, name the tile “Circles 300×300″. Click OK when you’re done to close out of the dialog box. The tile is now saved as a pattern!

STEP 8. Create A New Document We’ve designed our tile and defined it as a pattern, which means we can now use it to fill an entire layer! Let’s create a new document to see if it works! go up to the File menu and choose New. File- New enter 1000 pixels for both the Width and Height. Leave the Resolution set to 72 pixels/inch, and this time, set the Background Contents to White so the background of the new document is filled with solid white. Click OK.

Step 9. Add A New Layer
We could simply fill the document’s Background layer with our pattern, but that would seriously limit what we can do with it. Place the repeating pattern on its own layer. Click on the New Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers panel: A new blank layer named “Layer 1″ appears above the Background layer:
A new layer has been added to the document.

Step 10. Fill The New Layer With The Pattern Photoshop Circle patternWith our new layer added, let’s fill it with our pattern! Go to Edit > Fill > Pattern.  This opens the Pattern Picker, which displays small thumbnails of all the patterns we currently have to choose from. The circle pattern we just created will be the last thumbnail in the list.  Select the “Circles 300×300″ pattern in the Pattern Picker. Click OK to close out of the Fill dialog box. Photoshop fills the blank layer in the document with the circle pattern, repeating the tile as many times as needed.


Stay tuned for the next free tutorial coming next month on how to create the photoshop patterns seen in this image below: A basic, overall toss pattern using many shapes. 

Dapper Dane Collection of Designs
Dapper Dane Collection of Designs


A Cat and a HAT, how silly is that?


Foster Rescue Kitten on red background

A CAT and a HAT, how silly is that?

Don’s miss Kelly’s NEWEST Collection of over 50

teeny, weeny, rowdy, pouty, silly, nilly, furry, purry,  tawny, yawny, itty, bitty, kitty CATS and
cuddly, snuggly, lovey, dovey, fancy, pantsy, silly, nilly, fuzzy, wuzzy, sissy, kissy, missy HATS.
CATS and HATS PDF download available in the image-bank

IMG_1754 bdrWhat’s Sillier than a CAT and a HAT?

A DOG and a HAT

Don’t miss Kelly’s Collection of over 80 dogs and

Not So Scary Spider, Flower Power Blossom, Greedy Gangsta, All Studied Out Graduate, Glenda the Good Witch, Chez Paris Chef, Ahoy Matey’s Pirate, Under The Weather, Made in the USA, Tacky Tourist, Cinco de Mayo Sombrero, Warm Wishes Birthday, Rudolph Reindeer, Frosty Flakes, Teeny Beanie, Delightful Daisy, Frisky Ferocious Fireman, A Little Lucky Leprechaun and more… HATS
DOGS and HATS PDF download available in image-bank







How to make a real cast shadow Photoshop Tutorial

easter puppy wearing bunny ears
GC_1908 Easter Puppy Greeting Card

There is a drop shadow feature that makes a shadow instantly in Photoshop. However if you would like to know how to make a more natural cast shadow, one that looks more realistic – a long shadow that anchors the subject to the background, try this cast shadow photoshop tutorial.

1. Open an image in photoshop and remove it from the background. OR license an isolated KRI Studio Pet PSD file, like the images featured on this page, and you can skip this step! Click here to see Easter Studio Pets in Image-bank!

2. Create a standard drop shadow. Use the Layers style button, select drop shadow. A few tips here: choose a color for your shadow to match your background objects in image. Play with sliders to soften the shadow to your likeness. Click ok.

3. Put the shadow on its own layer: In the Layers Panel right click on the little “f” on the right of the layer name. You will see a drop down menu. Choose the option to “create layer”.

4. Distort the shadow layer: Press Ctrl T to free transform, select “distort” from the menu. Reposition the top handles as necessary.

puppy with bunny ears
IMG_2248 Chihuahua Puppy Zeke wearing bunny ears

NOW YOU HAVE A BASIC CAST SHADOW. to improve on it, and add more realism to your shadow, continue with these steps.

5. Replicate how a “real” shadow gets softer as it goes farther away.  Duplicate shade layer (Ctrl J). Turn off visibility of bottom shadow. Select top shadow to soften. Choose Filter>blur>guassian blur to blur shadow to your likeness.

6. Add layer mask to your top shadow. Use gradient tool, set colors to black and white (Ctrl D) choose linear foreground to background.  Select the mask, drag gradient tool 1/4 way from bottom to 3/4 way to top up to blend the two shadow layers. Set top shadow opacity to 50-75%, bottom shadow to opacity 30%.

** Is there a shadow that you want to hide? Use layer mask and paint it away with a black brush.

extra credit: Observe real shadows in natural environment. Notice and learn the following: how the shadows change in the distance, notice direction of the shadows and sun, notice how shadows appear on different surfaces.

2014 studiopets – What’s Not to Love About…

12 Puppy Puzzle Square-upsWhat’s Not to Love About… is a 12 collage studiopets puzzle created by Kelly Richardson, available for license now. This is a small representation of what Kelly has to offer. KRI has hundreds of studiopets in every category imaginable: holidays, birthday, food, coffee, beach, school, diva, flowers, bath time, kids toys, work/office, sports, and much more. See slideshow below. All studiopets are isolated on a white background, so that beautiful complimentary colors, and background patterns can be added in post. Studiopets are extremely versatile to fit any product specs. Kelly is available to help with your project needs.

What’s Not To Love About… 12 collage studiopets Christmas puzzle available for license now.

Christmas Puzzle Pet Square-ups

Slideshow below shows a variety of favorite images of StudioPets from categories and holidays that are in the Image-Bank. This is a small representation of what is available. Please check the image-bank for more. *If there is something particular you are looking for, please contact Kelly. There are still so many images that are not yet uploaded in the image-bank.

Introducing Studio Pet TOONS

Thanksgiving Dinner Puppy Eating TurkeyThanksgiving Dinner Puppy Eating TurkeySNEAK PEEK!  don’t miss out. Kelly Richardson Images introduces her new, innovative art concept for Greeting Cards.  A combination of Cartoon Digital Art, created by Kelly, with KRI Studio Pet images Kelly is calling Studio Pet Toons. Be the first to license NEW retro comic designs that is soon to be the craze for Greeting Cards.  Be the first to jump and reap the benefits  that consumers of all ages will LOVE. Contact Kelly for more information, and to see other designs offered from Studio Pet Toons. The possibilities are endless with KRI galleries of over 1000 isolated studio pet images.

In addition to designs already created, Kelly offers custom design services. Your Art Department can work directly with Kelly to create and customize exactly what your consumers are looking for – from concept to color.

Thanksgiving Dinner Puppy Eating Turkey


 Kitten Standing on Books in School RoomBeing a teacher for over ten years, I couldn’t resist creating a Studio Pet Toon with a cartoon classroom.  Studio Pet Toons are not in the image-bank. If you are interested in seeing more Studio Pet Toons, please contact Kelly.