Pomeranian Puppy Shoot

lr_ad700x400_ri_pompuppies2 Click here for a quick tutorial on how to use Photoshop CS6 Refine Edge tool to select animal hair perfectly.

Pomeranian Puppies: Dudley and Ella

NEW isolated images of  a beautiful fawn colored, fluffy, long hair groomed Pomeranian Puppy named Dudley and his little sister black and white Pom puppy Ella. We dressed these pups up with reindeer ears, autumn leaves, Birthday hats, Santa hats, and much more.  Here is an example of how an isolated image can be so versatile for designers on products:

Here are some of our favorite images from the photo shoot put together in a gallery. Licensees can go to the IMAGE-BANK to download a PDF Art Submission of all of the BEST images from the shoot.

July photoshoot

This July we celebrated our Country the United States of America, our Freedom and the Rescue our adorable furry foster kitten friends.  We also helped save the earth and used recycled July 4th decorations in our photo shoots.  We used this awesome red, white, and blue table runner (that was originally purchased for our kitchen table) from our favorite store Target. It is a mock-up of the US flag. We draped it over our home made L shaped foam core photo table, and began luring the kittens over for some playtime! Here is our favorite funniest image from the shoot. In this photo little Almond kitten was balancing on her back legs, and reaching up for the feather teaser. As she was doing so, we made a noise, that she paused to look at with her paws down – and at that very moment we will able to snap the shutter and get this amazing shot. She is so funny and cute! She forgot she had the bow tie on because she was so focused on playtime.



Photoshop Secrets – smooth out backgrounds

Kitten in HammockMaking Beautiful BETTER…

If you like this Image, wait until you see how it was made with a little Photoshop Magic. Here are some  of Kelly’s Photoshop Secrets Revealed… PSD Tutorial: Smooth out background, add a blue sky with two examples attached.
BASIC PHOTOSHOP CS6 WORKFLOW: Please note: this PSD tutorial is not for beginners.  I am assuming you have photoshop experience and understand the concept of a painting with a mask, and using layers.
Kitten in Hammock
Here is the image before PSD (never before seen unedited version- yikes!)  **Most of the time, the shadows and wrinkles in the fleece blanket can be smoothed out ahead of time and clipped down tighter to help, however this image was taken on a messy background.  I will demonstrate in this tutorial how to smooth it out in photoshop.
Fleece backgrounds are prone to wrinkle when played on, however, for me they are still a practical solution.   Fleece blankets can be picked up at the dollar store in almost every color and kittens love to play on the soft surface.
Kitten in HammockEasy fix in PSD:
**Sometimes the only thing you need to do is use the guassian blur tool to smooth out the pock marks in the fleece, but in the case of big wrinkles, painting may be the best option. Here is the workflow: Duplicate the layer first. On duplicate layer, use selection tool and select the background fleece around the subject, duplicate it. On that duplicate layer, select the transparent area, then select inverse, then paint out the blanket wrinkles with the color of the blanket. When finished painting, deselect. Then, go to filters, guassian blur- adjust settings to your liking. Reveal under layer with subject. Use a mask on your painted layer to paint with black and paint away any blur that interferes with underlying subject layer. Save all layers in PSD format.
Kitten in Hammock blue sky PhotoshopNOW, Let’s make Beautiful BETTER! Go out and photograph the beautiful blue sky, with a few clouds (raw). In Photoshop, drag the sky layer to your other open psd image, as a layer on top.  Add a mask to the cloud layer and paint away the areas of the cloud that cover your subject. Use a soft brush and play around with the brush flow. This Image is one of many beautiful kitten hammock images that can be found in the image-bank 2016 Spring Collection.
EQUIPMENT/PHOTOSHOOT:  Canon Mark II EOS 5D, Canon Macro Lens EF 100 mm L IS 2.8 SETTINGS: F 2.8 SS 125 ISO 100, shoot in RAW.  Shoot gray card and custom set white balance. Lighting set-up: Window light with 1 monolight flash bounce off ceiling. Homemade hammock, blue fleece blanket background. one sleepy kitten and an awesome assistant (my daughter!)
Following is another cute image that lends itself to a beautiful blue SKY! This image is one from a shoot of several butterfly net images that can be found in the image-bank in the 2016 Spring Kitten Collection.
Kitten Stuck in Butterfly Net
IMG_3248 unedited out of camera, fleece blanket has pock marks and needs to be smoothed.
Kitten Stuck in Butterfly Net
IMG_3248 edited background smoothed out with guassian blur tool, and in severe cases, painted blue
Kitten Stuck in Butterfly Net blue sky in Photoshop
IMG_3248 sky added on top

The Power of Isolated Images

Isolated Image with different colored backgrounds
The Power of Isolated Images IMG_8532

Designers and publishers love isolated images with copy space where they can add text or background images, or just add a simple color to suit their product needs.  For manufacturers, an image on white can be easily adapted to a variety of product shapes – different sizes of notepads, bookmarks, etc. If one wants color, any color, and any pattern, it can be popped right in the background if the image has been isolated properly, with little or no work.  This makes for a very attractive purchase with an image that has so much versatility.

Though it seems like it would be an easy task, creating a blown out white background is trickier than one might think.  It’s all about the lighting. You must learn how to avoid the drab grays that you can get without enough light, shadows are difficult to isolate out if they blend in with the subject. There are countless tutorials online that shows proper high key lighting set-up.  I use a light table that lights the subject from underneath to achieve a perfectly white background all around with approximately 5+ studio lights.

Of course, there is Photoshop. With CS6, one can use the refine edge tool and drop out a background very efficiently. But consider, it is always easier and less time consuming if the subject is properly lit to begin with.  Dropping out a background taken on a colored background is much more difficult and time consuming. The color tends to attach itself to the subject – there is always a reflection of color that can never really be dropped out. It is much easier to simply shoot on white if those are your intentions for the image.

Isolated images have endless possibilities – if you can imagine it, you can create it!

Chihuahua Dog on Boogie Board

Chihuahua Dog on Boogie Board Surfing
Whizbee Puppy Surf