Free St Patricks Day Pets Phone screen savers … get your green on!

Irish St Patricks Day Kitten © kelly richardson



St Patricks Day Pets Images free downloadable wallpaper and screen savers for your phones and tablets here. Better get some green on – on your phone at least! Don’t get in a pinch – or get pinched for that matter! Best to be wearing your green on a day like today… the leprechauns will be watching, and hopefully it will be your Lucky Day! Here are some favorite cute St Patricks Day Pets Images for your screen savers and to share.  If your lucky you just might get a KISS! see photo below 🙂 Happy St. Patrick’s Day From all of here at Kelly Richardson Images Studios. Click to go to media file and download to your phone by saving image.


Adorable Irish St Patricks Day Chihuahua Dog Kiss Me

Handsome St Patricks Day Beagle Dog Wearing a green shamrock neck tie

St Patricks day pets iphone screen saver

Kitten Season – the rescue cycle begins


While volunteering for Cats-Can, Inc. last week at Petsmart, an interested person asked, where do we get our rescues? Here is an article that details how we rescue, care for, socialize, and vet our kittens/cats through to their adoption day.
Orlando, FL –   March 1, 2016 Welcome to kitten season … Cats-Can rescue already has two sets of newborns that were found abandoned by community members last week, settled in two separate foster homes, umbilical cords still attached. Their foster moms are busy making bottles and feeding every 3-4 hours.   Another two 5 week olds, will be picked up tonight. The rescue has calls and emails in daily.  Another plea for help just came in over the rescue group text – “Is anyone available to trap kittens now? There are 6 five week olds who are going to get run over in Tuskawilla, and 2 pregnant mommas.”  The kitten season rescue cycle begins…
All these rescue cats/kittens will need a deworming, flea treatment and, in most cases, medication to kill parasites present in their tummies. They will be settled in a foster home with caring, and loving foster parents who will have to quarantine them to ensure they are healthy before they can be around other pets. They will be well fed, played with, socialized and will have all of their needs provided for in their happy new “nursery” foster homes.  The rescue and foster parents will provide the medicine, the kitten milk replacement, the bottles,  the wet food, the dry food, the litter, the toys, their homes and love and care for as long as needed until the kittens are adopted.
All of the rescued cats and the kittens over two pounds are taken to the favorite Orlando area non-profit vet clinic  SpayNSave where they are “vetted”.  They are dropped off in the morning by their foster parent. While at the vet, they will be spayed/neutered, tested for feline diseases, given their first set of shots and/or rabies if applicable, micro chipped, nails trimmed and given a 30 day flea treatment. They are picked up in the afternoon by their devoted foster parents to recover, and within days they will be available for adoption.
The cat’s foster parent brings them to the adoption event every saturday at Petsmart from 11-5 until they are adopted. The foster will place them in a cage for the day, and will come back to pick them up. They will have a cage card and will be available for adoption to approved families. They will meet, play with, get hugs and love from the curious children and Petsmart patrons who come to visit each Saturday.  And they will eventually meet their forever family when they are chosen.
They will get their photo taken the first time they come to Petsmart. A photo shoot takes place every saturday from 1-4 during the adoption event. Fellow foster and volunteer, Kelly Richardson (- that’s me! -) sets up the in store photo shoot with a cardboard box in the kitten room using a soft fleece blanket, a few fun, decorative holiday props, available flourescent light, her Canon Mark III and her favorite fixed lens 100 mm macro. With the help of Cats-Can high school volunteers, they set to work placing one kitten at a time in the box, playing with feather teasers and making funny noises to get the cat’s attention until the purr-fect photo is taken for their web page.  photoshoot tutorial: How to Make a Photo Box
“We take anywhere from 10-20 cats/kitten photos a week during kitten season. One day, I photographed 22 cats and kittens. Last weekend we photographed 12 and kitten season is just starting! The photos really help get them adopted. Many people are shopping online and the website that Cats-Can uses feeds into popular pet search sites. I edit and upload the new kittens and cats’ images onto the site within days of the photo shoot and almost immediately we start getting online applications from families that want to adopt. Seeing the families come to pick them up, knowing the kittens are going to live indoors in homes with good families, seeing the smile on their faces when they find their purr-fect friend- makes my day!” – Kelly Richardson.
Here are a few favorite Cats-Can rescue pet images that were photographed at Pet Smart 2-27-16 by Kelly Richardson. All of these images, advertisements,  along with weekly photo shoots are donated by Kelly Richardson.  Advertisement above created by Kelly Richardson for Cats-Can Rescue website and Cats-Can Facebook page. © Kelly Richardson 2016.



Gotta LOVE isolated Pet images

Happy Birthday Beagle Dog
IMG_6107 Simple, clean, uncluttered Greeting Card

If you are not familiar with Kelly Richardson’s Studio Pets’ Images, let me tell you a little about what is so special about them. Kelly’s special high key lighting style, and themed conceptual props create these cute, funny, easy to relate to isolated images. Studio Pets are available in themes for ALL holidays and occasions. Irish Beagle Dog St. Patrick's Day There are hundreds studio pets available in many categories in the image-bank.   The Beagle Gallery has just been added.  All “KRI Studio Pets” are taken on a white background, and can be licensed as isolated psd files.

These studio pets images are SO cute in themselves, they can certainly stand alone on white as a greeting card with the right text to get a smile.  There is a great demand in the consumer marketplace for this simple, high key look for greeting cards.  Many consumers like the “clean”, uncluttered look.  Just look at this cute Beagle, need I say more?!


Christmas Beagle Dog Dear Santa
IMG_6147 + Beagle DearSanta Letter Scribble Border



But you don’t have to stop there!  You gotta LOVE isolated images- there is so much creative potential. Studio Pets Images have been called a “graphic designer’s dream”. If you have a creative art department, they will love you for licensing a Studio Pet!  The artistic possibilities are endless!  So, for those manufacturers who have a consumer base that want a more eclectic, colorful, collage like greeting card, Studio Pets Images can be used in DESIGNS.

Happy Birthday Beagle Dog Greeting Card
IMG_6107 Beagle Clown + Balloons, background colors, shapes and designs

SEE  how this isolated image of a dog wearing a red bow tie can evolve into a beautiful design that can be used as a bright, funny, colorful greeting card/gift bag design that any child would LOVE to receive on their special day. The design was created with a KRI image of isolated balloons, shapes and background colors, text sign with drop shadow, created in PSD. This image was featured in a previous blog post called “Clowning Around in Photoshop”, a tutorial that will teach you how to create a clown nose.

Irish Beagle Dog St. Patrick's Day
IMG_6098 +rainbow, cloud & sky background

SEE St. Patrick’s Day Design. It can’t get much cuter that this!  In this design Kelly blended a photo of the sky clouds on blue background and created a rainbow using a gradient in Photoshop.

All designs created/copyright Kelly Richardson. **All designs  by Kelly Richardson are also available for license. Contact kelly for more info.




St Patricks Day Dog

Irish St. Patrick's Day Beagle Dog
IMG_6098 Beagle Dog +rainbow,sky

This year St Patricks Day Dog 2015 photo shoot features Beagle Lucy wearing a shamrock necktie on a white background. Inspired by Miss P, a beautiful Beagle that won Best of Breed 2015 at the Westminster Kennel club last month, Kelly chose to feature a Beagle this month of March. These images are available for license as isolated psd files, and or greeting card designs as shown below. If you are interested in licensing one of these cute St. Patricks Day Dog Beagle images or designs below, please contact kelly.  

The Beagle Lucy Photo Shoot has just been posted to the image bank! To see lucy in a variety of poses and themes such as Christmas, Winter, St. Patricks Day etc., go to the image-bank now.

Irish St. Patrick's Day Beagle Dog
from left to right: IMG_6101,6093,6089,6085,6098



Here are a few examples of St. Patricks Day greeting card designs kelly created to celebrate the holiday (also available for license). Designs can be changed, text changed, color changed – just ask kelly and she will help you/your art department customize the design to suit your product needs (at no charge! within reason)