Design Design Halloween Cards

halloween20161050x350We love our friends at Design Design for licensing these adorable images from us. Both of these images have a very special place in our hearts and we couldn’t be happier that they were chosen to be published on greeting cards by Design Design for Halloween 2016.

ddidogwwebpageWe especially LOVE the pirate dog… who is MY very own pet! He just had a birthday on October 19th, he turned 12 years old! We celebrated with a huge meat patty and candles.  The photo of him as a pirate was taken a few years ago. He is alot grayer now and has white around his cute little muzzle. He is 12 years old!
ddikittenwwebpageThe pumpkin kitten peeking out of the pumpkin is very meaningful to our family and our cause. The kitten, named Pink, was one of the very first kittens we ever fostered. We got her and her siblings when they were only 2 weeks old. We raised them with bottles and KMR milk. As they grew, we video’ed them learning to walk, and photographed their milestones.  As they reached 8 weeks old and were ready to be adopted, the rescue group we fostered for asked for photos of them for their webpage. So we went to work.  It happened to be October and we had many Halloween props laying around the house as decorations. The felt pumpkin lid on Pink’s head was actually a headband that belonged to my daughter that we took it apart!  The pumpkin was a hollow pumpkin decoration that we cut open. My children assisted me with the shoot. We teased them with our feather teasers and played hide and seek with the props. They loved the photo shoot- to them it was FUN playtime.  We sent the photos in, and the entire litter received applications to adopt online within 24 hours.  That is when we discovered that taking professional photos of the rescue kittens got them adopted very quickly. And that in turn makes room in foster homes to help save more.
Now, my family and I  donate free photography to animal rescues all over the Central Florida Area. We created a program called One Photo Saves. We photograph approximately 50 -100 cats/kittens a month, edit the images and provide them to the rescues for the animal’s web pages at no cost whatsoever to the rescues.  We work with several groups, but our most favorite group that we foster for is Cats-Can. We foster kittens for them, and help out at their adoption events almost every Saturday.  We work with their rescue staff at their adoption events and photograph cats and kittens that are there.  We hope that it will help them get adopted sooner.  The rescue group has told me their adoption rates have almost tripled in the last year.  It feels great to give back to the community, save rescue animal’s lives and place them in good homes,  and create beautiful images that can help spread the word for our cause- to save rescue animals!


Halloween Boo … from the Phantom Kitty

Phantom Kitten Halloween BOOWith just days before Halloween, it’s time to get the fun rolling with some Halloween BOO.  What is a Halloween BOO? It is one of my family’s most favorite traditions at Halloween time!  The kids see it as a way of getting away with the old “ding-dong-ditch”.  I see it as a way of spreading Holiday Fun!
A Halloween BOO is sometimes called “ghosting” or “the phantom”. It is a tradition very similar to “secret Santa”.  It usually takes place in neighborhoods, however it could be in a workplace.  My family and I make up 2-3 bags or baskets of yummy treats, we print off a few BOO Poems, and then sneak out into the night (of course dressed in black) and secretly deliver them – ding-dong-ditch and leave it at the doorstep!
In turn, the lucky BOO-ees are asked to BOO two other neighbors, leading to a chain reaction–and lots of BOO-eautiful Halloween fun!
To start a BOO in your neighborhood, DOWNLOAD the PHANTOM KITTY BOO card from the link below. Make a small gift basket for each BOO-ee on your list and add a copy of the BOO card and, here comes the fun! Get all dressed up in black, grab those flashlights, and deliver the BOO’s secretly to a your neighbor’s doorstep. For even more fun, stick around inconspicuously, and watch your neighbors’ reaction!

For all of my TECHY friends out there use the link below and share it!  TWEET it, RT, POST it, SHARE it, LINK it, PIN it, and use it as your cell phone wallpaper….


Ready? Set? BOO … let the Halloween Phantom Kitty BOO for YOU!   MOST of all, Have a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Here is what it says: “You’ve been BOO-ed! It’s your turn now… to pass it on, I’ll tell you how. Choose a neighbor, friend or anyone, Who needs some special “spooky” fun!  And when you’ve made your secret pick,  Let Halloween kitten do the “trick”!”



Add Bokeh Background


White and orange tabby kitten playing in fall leaves

Capture the Colors of Fall with natural brown, rich red, orange and yellow hues.  Add Bokeh background to enrich your original image, adding more color and dimension.  In this Photoshop Tutorial we will be capturing a small part of our image that lends itself to creating a beautiful bokeh background – the colored berries.  We will use that piece with the Field Blur Filter to create a colorful bokeh background that can be used for many purposes. In this case, we used the bokeh background we just created to blend on top of our original image to add more color and depth to the image. Follow this Photoshop tutorial to find out how.

Click to download a PDF of this tutorial. **Some knowledge of Photoshop CS6 is necessary to complete this tutorial.



BEFORE Bokeh Background
White and orange tabby kitten playing in fall leaves on a brown, burlap background with acorn, berries, stem,
AFTER Bokeh Background








Equipment used for this shoot: Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Canon Macro 100mm 1:2.8L IS

Add Background Texture

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial:

CAPTURE the Colors of Fall: How to add  texture and depth to enhance your FALL images with more dimension and color.


AFTER adding texture to background
Our AFTER image LOOKS GREAT by adding a little texture and depth to the background. Here is how we did it: add background texture to create depth and richer hues.
The BEFORE image below was lacking something…..
BEFORE adding texture to background

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial: add background texture to create depth.

  1. Open image in Photoshop
  2. Got to Layer>New Fill Layer>Pattern  click ok.
  3. Choose a pattern. I used a horizontal striped jean pattern.
  4. Change blending mode of pattern to soft light.
  5. Adjust opacity of pattern layer to +- 70%.
  6. The pattern will cover the entire image.
  7. Click on the pattern’s layer mask. Using a black paint brush, paint away the pattern from the important elements in your foreground.

Capture the Colors of Fall – SEPTEMBER

Autumn photo shoot kitten

Capture the Colors of Fall with earth tones and rich reds, oranges and yellows.


LuvKelly Recycles 2015 = “Save the Kittens + Save the Earth” campaign continues …

*LuvKelly Recycles Photoshoot for SEPTEMBER. The adorable kittens photographed above are two from a litter of four that were found abandoned in a house in Mims.  They were rescued at just 4 weeks old.   They were very playful and curious, and it didn’t take them long to investigate our materials and props that we used. Their names are Ari and Autumn.  Ari, the orange and white striped tabby loved to play hide and seek inside the pumpkin as we teased him with our feather toys.  Autumn was more shy, but felt very comfortable side-by-side with her brother inside the pumpkin.  You can see from the photo, Ari is the troublemaker 🙂 It turns out their coloring worked purr-fectly with our colors in the photoshoot.  They were a joy to work with!

About the Materials we used: We recycled the carved out pumpkins – we used them last year for a Fall photo shoot.  We got them from Michaels Craft Store and used an exacto knife to cut the holes.  To make it different from last year, we replaced the orange fleece  background with a natural brown burlap material, and added more color. We collected an assortment of pine cones from outdoors. We used artificial leaves and colored berries from an old centerpiece we took apart. This shoot was taken in home settings using available light, Canon Mark III, 100 mm canon lens. Settings: f2.8 ss125 iso 250.

CLICK here to get a free, downloadable October Desktop calendar Wallpaper from this shoot.

*Each month Kelly Richardson and her team of caring assistants are creating a special pet photo shoot using recycled items that can be found around the house with rescue kittens that were saved and fostered by volunteers at local no-kill rescue organizations in Orlando. We have great hopes that these photoshoot tutorials will inspire creativity and raise awareness for the planet earth and the rescue kittens.





Autumn-a-tize this photo! Autumn Photography Tips…

Thanksgiving Kitten CardHere are Autumn Photography Tips for anyone that wants to “Autumn-a-tize” a photo. Let’s see how I can  “Autumn-a-tize” this cute kitten for Thanksgiving Day…

I have searched my galleries for something I can use for FALL.  I wanted flowers, and a really cute kitten- something that looks like a nice Thanksgiving Day Centerpiece for a beautiful all natural table with a “Pottery Barn” feel.  I found this adorable photo of Khloe, a rescue kitten that was fostered a month or so ago.

Mother's Day Kitten Flowers

As much as I love the bright watermelon color, it is not right for Fall, and certainly does not fit the “natural color” palette.  Let’s see how I can  “Autumn a-tize” this photo!


Original IMG_1592 taken on a bright watermelon colored striped background, bright watermelon colored basket, with flowers.  Canon Eos 5d Mark II, EF100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM at F2.8, 125ss,  ISO 250, window light with one monolight bounce light off ceiling. This is the original image before any color changing.

The first thing I did was select the pink striped background. Then I duplicated it.  I hid the layer below. On the new duplicate layer I selected only the striped portion that I wanted to paint. I painted it all the darker pink stripe color.  I added a layer mask to it.  I unhid the bottom layer to see the kitten, clicked on my layer mask and used a soft black paint brush to clean any of the painted background that may be visible on my image below.  Next I created a new adjustment layer: Hue/Saturation layer and changed the Hue to a beautiful Autumn orange.

Next I followed the steps in the Photoshop CS6 tutorial for Retro Christmas Kitten .  The steps are described here: I created a new adjustment layer: Hue/Saturation and changed the preset mode to Sepia. Then I added a mask, used a soft black paint brush and painted away the sepia from the areas of color I wanted to stay. Then I created a new fill layer and chose pattern-I picked a denim textile pattern.  I changed the blend mode of the pattern to soft light.  I used the pattern layer mask with soft black brush and painted away the pattern off of my subject. Now little Khloe is ready to make her Thanksgiving Day debut!

Photoshop Change Colors
IMG_1592 changesatorange/paintedstripes


Autumn Kitten Card
IMG_1592 orange/sepia/pat

Pumpkin for Fall… and pumpkin for pets too!

Puppy Sleeping on Pumpkin

Here we are in Fall, on the eave of Christmas.  Soon Black Friday will  be here and the Pumpkins for Fall will soon be put away. But not so fast! Pumpkin is for Pets too. Did you know that if you have a puppy or kitten having digestions problems canned pumpkin can help?

Feeding Canned Pumpkin to dogs and cats is a safe and healthy way to remedy digestive issues. When choosing canned pumpkin for your pet, at the grocery store, look for plain, pureed pumpkin, NOT chunks of pumpkin or pumpkin seasoned for pie filling. Pumpkin pie filling contains sugars and spices that may cause even more digestive upset.

Constipation: Canned Pumpkin will add moisture and fiber needed to get your pets digestion moving again.

Diarrhea: Add only a small amount of canned pumpkin to your pet’s food, This will add dietary fiber to their diet which will solidify your pet stools by absorbing excess water and stomach acids. Add a teaspoon or two for cats and small dogs.

Here is an article on the Health benefits Pumpkin Provides for Our Pets from PetMD for more information.

So while you are shopping this fall for Thanksgiving, be sure to grab a can of plain pureed pumpkin just in case you pets may need it someday, pumpkin is for pets too!

Check out more PUMPKIN STUDIO PETS at the following links: Kittens and Pumpkins, and Puppies and Pumpkins.

Here are a few of my favorite kitten pumpkin images!

Pumpkin Kittens







Fall Photography with Rescue Kittens

Kitten in Pumpkin Basket
IMG_2978 Foster rescue kitten Pumpkin in an orange basket of fall leaves.
Fall is in Florida. With the latest cool weather as inspiration, we decided to devote this week’s Fall Photography shoot to feature rescue kittens with the warm colors of Fall.  We have been having a great time with it.  We enjoy shooting the kittens using window light.  Lately I have been shooting with my 100 mm macro lens that is super sharp, and am loving the results. Leaves have not turned in florida, so we used artificial, but with an f-stop of 2.8,  it goes unnoticeable.    I am also using a soft flash that is bouncing off the ceiling so that I can keep my ISO as low as possible and give the photo a nice glow. I used a pretty orange peach fleece blanket for the background. Our little foster kitten Pumpkin sure loved it.  She especially enjoyed playing in the leaves and scattering them all over the floor!
The kids helped make the props- we found carveable pumpkins at the craft store.  Pink demanded to be involved in the shoot.  She jumped inside of the pumpkin all by herself and waited there until it was her turn!  She loved playing hide and seek in the pumpkins. Here are some fun and really cute pics from the shoot.
We have a variety of images from the fall photo shoot with several different types of baskets. It went really well! We also have a beautiful foster rescue kitten, orange tabby named Leo.  Leo is very special in that he was very sick when brought in, he struggled very much – and with lots of foster parent love and attention, and a little help from the vet, he survived!  Now he is in purr-fect health and ready for adoption next week.  Orange Kitten inside wood basket pumpkinHe is a lion on the outside some hissing and a little growl, but a true lover on the inside when given a chance. He plays and cuddles with Pumpkin, Boots, and Pink.  You would never guess that he is so shy with humans, but he sure is. Click here to see the new Rescue Kitten Fall Gallery 2014 that has just been posted. There you will see these images along with many more in several different size crops available for license.  As always, proceeds from licensing these images will go directly to benefit the foster rescue kittens.
Thanksgiving Kitten in Basket


BOO Halloween Rescue Kitten

You've Been Booed

You’ve been BOO’d! It’s your turn now… to pass it on, I’ll tell you how. Choose a neighbor, friend or anyone, Who needs some special “spooky” fun!  And when you’ve made your secret pick,  Let Halloween kitten do the “trick”!

Have you ever been Boo’d? In my neighborhood it is tradition. When we first moved to the neighborhood, I’ll never forget when we got Boo’d.  The doorbell range in the evening, but noone was there!  Someone left a bag of candy with this cute little poem attached.  My kids LOVED it!  First my children ate up all of the candy. Next they went to work to rewrite the poem and fill a new bag with candy.  The most fun they had was being able to “ding dong ditch” their best friends, leaving behind a special Halloween surprise.  If you have never done this with your children, you MUST start now!
To follow tradition, (a little on the techy side), I have created this cute little Halloween Kitten Boo Card for all of my followers.  Tweet it, post it, share it! It can be used as wallpaper for your cell phones.   Have fun and have a safe Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


Scary Designs that are Dog Gone CUTE!

Cute Halloween Dog Greeting Cards
Halloween Dogs for Greeting Cards
Halloween Dogs for Greeting Cards

Halloween Dogs and Scary Designs created by Kelly Richardson Images are available for license.  Each of these Studio Pets images above are found in the image bank Fall Harvest & Halloween Gallery as an isolated image on white background in cut-out PSD format.Halloween Witch dog

Like the whole package with design? These designs using studio pet images from the gallery are freshly made this week and have not been licensed. All five of these designs are available – please specify which design you are interested in and contact kelly using this formYellow Labrador Halloween Pirate Dog. Check back for more new designs next week.

Only like part of the design? We understand if you would like to replace the border or change the text. Kelly can custom create whatever you need for your greeting card, gift bag, etc.  Contact Kelly and she will create to suit your product specs.