Labrador Retriever Puppy Photo Shoot


Yellow Labrador Puppy Playing Christmas Decoration IsolatedYellow Labrador Puppy Photo Shoot

my awesome assistant, my daughter

Our newest yellow Labrador Retriever puppy photo shoot that will capture your heart. All images are ready for license. Look through this blog post gallery for the most outstanding puppy images available online. All crop sizes available

We had  three amazing yellow labrador puppy photo shoots with a local AKC Certified Labrador Retriever Dog Breeder, who shared her sweet puppies with us. We got to watch them grow as they turned 6 weeks, 8 weeks and 10 weeks.   They were playful, relaxed, sleepy and my daughter couldn’t get enough hugs and kisses as she helped me with the shoots, as you can see from the photo of her with one of the puppies. If all of the puppies were not already adopted, I am betting we would have taken one home!
We photographed a variety of puppy images with fun props that will be suitable for ads, greeting cards, and any products that need a loveable, huggable,  kissable puppy on  them! We began with some isolated images and then took a few with a baby blue background, burlap and purple.  These images are hot off the press.  Kelly Richardson Images has been editing through hundreds of images and choosing only the best to present to our licensees.
Here are our most outstanding images available to license now. please go to the Image-bank to get the downloadable PDF for Art Submission. All images ©kelly richardson 2016, all rights reserved.

Legend of the Easter Bunny – MARCH

easter kitten in bird nest
Penny Playing in Bird’s Nest. 18th Century German folklore say children left out nests on Easter Eve for the egg laying hare “Osterhase” to lay its magical colored eggs.

According to folklore, the legend of the Easter bunny was brought to America in the 1700’s by German immigrants. German folklore believed an egg laying hare called “Osterhase” left children colored eggs on Easter morning. As part of the tradition, children made nests and left them out on Easter Eve for the creature to lay its colored eggs.

Easter Kitten
Ally playing in a modernized 21st century colorful, glitter filled Easter basket. Even the Easter grass has a polka dot pattern!

As the tradition spread to America it has evolved through the centuries. Now, an Easter basket is filled by more than just colored eggs on Easter. Modern day Easter baskets are very decorative and colorful, are made out of a variety of materials: colorful woven straw or wood, plastic, and some are made of canvas, and woven cloth.  Modern day Easter baskets almost always contain candy: chocolate bunnies, chocolate chicks, chocolate eggs, even chocolate kitty cats!   In America, Easter has become the 2nd best selling candy Holiday after Halloween. Sometimes even gifts are included in Easter Baskets: gift ideas include no sugar alternatives such as children’s books, plush toys, itunes cards and much more.


Motivated by Easter, Kelly planned several LuvKelly Kitten Easter Basket photo shoots:

  • A spring nature-inspired butterfly and bird nest photo shoot specially created for the month of MARCH to coincide with the LuvKelly Recycles Campaign.  We recycled a twig wreath, some bird feathers and a soft brown blanket. we covered the twig nest with a soft brown cloth and feathers to make it nice and soft for the kitten to sit in.see Penny playing in bird’s nest above left.

  • A soft and inviting neutral burlap with old-fashioned speckled eggs photoshoot

  • A bold and bright blue background, with sequin Easter garland and polka dot patterned paper grass.

 To see over 50 new Easter Kitten images click here to go to the image-bank!

Easter cat
Easter Cat Book titled, “Here Comes the Easter Cat”. Books make great sugar free gifts on Easter.

We researched Easter Kitten Books for our cat lover readers. These make great gifts for grandchildren, nieces and nephews, sons and daughters and is a “healthy choice” that contains NO SUGAR!

Here is a link to my Pinterest Album that contains Easter Kitten Books for Kids. 






Easter Dangers for Cats

Easter Kitten Greeting Card
IMG_7140 Ally Easter Kitten playing in all natural and safe Easter Grass.

Easter is a fun time to decorate with beautiful spring floral arrangements and enjoy life’s little pleasures on Easter morning … like  chocolate in the Easter basket!   However if you’re kitten is as mischievous as the rescue kittens I foster:  teething, tasting, playing and biting everything in sight, there are common Easter Dangers for cats you need to know about.

The first and most important danger that you should know is how lethal the Easter Lily plant is for cats.  Please think twice before decorating with an Easter Lily plant… Easter Lilies, and all members of the Liliaceae family of plants are listed as one of the most toxic Easter dangers for cats.  Between 50-90% of cats that ingest Easter Lilies die from poisoning.  Just one leaf is all it takes to cause kidney damage to a cat. Symptoms of Lily poisoning include: loss of appetite, vomiting, lethargy, and ultimately kidney failure.  If your cat ingested this plant, contact your local veterinarian asap. Please don’t give them as a gift to anyone with cats!  Instead decorate and or send Easter Orchids, Easter Cactus, Daisies or Violets.

Secondly, the Easter Basket can contain items that can make your cat very sick such as chocolate and plastic grass.  For this reason, please be sure to keep all chocolate self-contained and/or out of reach from your pets. Symptoms of Chocolate poisoning in your pet may include: hyperactivity, restlessness, muscle twitching, vomit and or diarrhea.  Plastic Easter grass is non-digestible if eaten. I recommend to use paper grass. It is safe for them to eat, chew and play with.

Twin Kitten Easter Greeting Card
IMG_4861 One of a series of cute images of twin Hemingway kittens playing in a basket together. Go to image-bank to see more.

Do something fun for your cat this Easter – Create a “Cat safe” Easter Basket for your cat! A traditional natural wooden basket will do with paper straw inside-  kittens love to play hide and seek inside them. Though, your basket doesn’t necessarily have to be a basket. You could even use a new cat bed or cat food bowl as the basket. Fill it up with cat friendly toys such as catnip toys, catnip bubbles, plastic easter eggs filled with temptations, tunnels, mice toys, a laser, feather teasers, a cat grooming brush, and a new cat collar.