The Power of an Isolated Image – Christmas Design 4926

What a capture! It can't get much cuter than that! isolated image petstockimages_img_4926
What a capture! It can’t get much cuter than that! isolated image petstockimages_img_4926

The Power of an Isolated Image – Christmas Design  PetstockImages_IMG_4926 tiny chihuahua peeking out of red gift, isolated image – a designer’s dream – how to make this card.

This adorable isolated image of a chihuahua puppy peeking out of a red gift box can certainly stand alone on a white background to get attention and a big SMILE.

Isolated images never cease to lose their popularity in the consumer market. There is a great demand in the consumer marketplace for this simple, high key look. Many consumers like a “clean”, uncluttered look. The idea of simplification appeals to many who live a busy lifestyle.

Isolated Images are LOVED by Designers, Advertisers and Publishers TOO. There are many advantages of an isolated image for their purposes. There is no competing for space for copy in the image,  additional background images and any color can be easily added to suit product needs. Any text, any objects, any color, and any pattern, all can be popped right in the background if the image has been isolated properly, with little or no work.  This makes for a very attractive purchase with an image that has so much versatility.

petstockimages_img_4926 What a CAPTURE! It can’t get much cuter than that!

This one image can be used for a variety of purposes: Birthday, Christmas,  Valentine’s Day and more. Click to buy the image.

Isolated images have endless possibilities – if you can imagine it, you can create it!

Stay Tuned for a free Photoshop Tutorial with step by step directions to make background bokeh.

Christmas Greeting Card 4926: Make this card: Photograph your Christmas Tree, then use Photoshop to run blur filter to make bokeh background.
Christmas Greeting Card with isolated image 4926: Make this card: Photograph your Christmas Tree, then use Photoshop to run blur filter to make bokeh background.

Holiday Card Collage with just one image

cardgnomegtgcardkatiesampleIt’s that time of year! Many families are getting family portraits done for their yearly Holiday Cards.  If they are like me, they love that creative collage look that you see for custom greeting cards, but also like the simplicity of using just one photo. Here is something unique and special you can create if you just have one favorite image for your Holiday Card.  A Holiday Card Collage. Gotta LOVE the WOW factor of this creative “collage” look.   Most greeting cards with a collage design require several images. Here is how to create your masterpiece Holiday Card Collage look with just ONE image.

Click to download tutorial Greeting Card Collage Tutorial pdf

Photoshop tutorial:   Create a holiday collage greeting card with only one image
We will use the NEW Photoshop’s Guide Layout to help divide the image into smaller sections. You must have Photoshop CC to use this method.
The image I chose to use for my sample below is a sweet little rescued foster kitten named Denver, a litter of 5.


Step 1: Create a new document go to File>New  I used greeting card specs. For my Purposes, I set width to 1575 px, height 2175 px, resolution 300, white background. If you use a different size document, make sure you compensate for it in your gutters, margins and drop shadows, by adjusting their size accordingly.

Step 2: Add a new layer and name it Shapes

Step 3: Make a 3 x 3 grid with gutter, and margin around edges:
  • go to View>new guide layout
  • set column number to 3 leave the width field empty, set gutter to 30 px
  • click rows, set number to 5, leave height empty, set gutter to 30 px
  • make sure preview box Is selected.
  • Add margins around edges of document: click in the margin checkbox, then set each of the four options top, left, bottom and right to 100 px.
  • Click ok
Step 4: Draw the shapes: select the rectangular marquee tool from the tools panel to draw in shapes. Drag selections around different squares in the 3 x 3 grid begin at one corner and drag to make rectangle. To add press and hold shift key to add next rectangle to it. Continue adding each shape so that all rectangles and center square are selected as one.
Step 5: Fill in the selection with black go to Edit>Fill set contents to black, normal and opacity to 100% click ok.
Step 6: remove the selection and the guides to remove go to Select>deselect. Go to view>clear guides
Step 7: Add a drop shadow to the Shapes Layer. Select shapes layer, click on layer styles, choose drop shadow, settings: blend mode: multiply, opacity 40, angle: 135, use global light, distance 50, spread 0 ,size 50. click ok
Step 8: Open the image you want to use in Photoshop.
Go to select>all... go to edit>copy
Step 9: Paste image into shape collage: Switch over to the shape collage document by clicking on its tab.Go to Edit>paste special>paste in place
Photoshop pastes and centers the photo in the document. You will see it as a new layer above the shpaes layer.
Step 10: create a clipping mask. Select the small menu icon in the upper right corner of the layers panel. Choose create clipping mask. This clips the layer directly in the layer below it.
Step 11:use free transform to resize and reposition image. make sure image layer is selected, Go to edit>free transform pres and hold shift as you drag a corner to lock the aspect ratio. Press enter when done.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Show your support and help your local animal rescue.


Lighten up your Holidays Colorizing Tutorial

Kitten Playing in Red Box ChristmasSEEING TOO MUCH RED? Let’s have some fun! Try this colorizing tutorial to lighten up your holiday.

It would be a shame to pass on this cute kitten image because there is too much red – just look at those BIG eyes- this is a PURR-fect photo. We can simply change the image to Sepia and then colorized it to a more natural look.  But don’t stop there,  we can change the color to green! Here is how!
Begin by opening image in photoshop. Duplicate original. Add a new adjustment layer: Hue/Saturation. Use the HUE slider to change the color of the box- I chose to change the red to green.
1. To change to Sepia: Add an adjustment layer: choose Hue/Saturation, and this time go to preset box and scroll down and choose Sepia.  The entire image will now be changed to Sepia tone.  Click on the white box in the layers palette next to the Sepia adjustment layer, this is the mask.  Get a soft black paint brush to paint back in the color. If you want a lighter shade, not so bright, more retro, natural color look, change the paint brush opacity to 30% and flow to 50% to paint away the sepia color from the areas of the photo you want to see color in.  (Change paint brush to white to paint the Sepia back in if needed, or use history to undo.)  The more you repeat the brush strokes the darker the color will come in.  If you want to retain the full brightness and saturation of the original image, keep the opacity of the brush at 100% and flow at 100%.
2. After you have changed your red  image to sepia with colorized red box,  you can change the red to green. Here is how:  add a new adjustment layer: Hue/Saturation. Use the HUE slider to change the color of the box and crinkle paper – I chose to change the red to green.

Bright Red Christmas Kitten Card Retro Kitten Christmas Card Changing Colors in Photoshop Kitten in Box

Studio Pet Toons Christmas



Kelly Richardson has hundreds of Studio Pets in her image-bank and wanted to JAZZ them up a bit- in a newly trending “coloring book” sort of way. Suddenly,  Studio Pet Toons was BORN!  We are celebrating Christmas in the “Studio Pet Toons” Studio.  Along with our newest Studio Pet Toons Christmas Greeting Card, we are sharing some of our favorite Studio Pets Toons that were created this year, with before and after photos.


Great Dane Christmas Card Studio Pet ToonStudio Pet Toon TAHOE Inspired by Christmas and having just lived in Lake Tahoe Area of Nevada, Kelly created a beautiful, scenic with mountains and snow background for this beautiful Great Dane Puppy she photographed while living in Reno.




Chihuahua Reindeer Christmas CardThis Studio Pet Toon Oh DEER was created with Kelly’s very own long hair chihuahua Izzie… Gotta love her expression!





Great Dane Italian Chef Greeting cardThis Studio Pet Toon ITALIAN was inspired by Kelly’s LOVE for Italian food, and the chef apron and hat was a perfect match!





Bathing Chihuahua Puppy Diva Greeting Card

One more cute Studio Pet Toon.  This is Studio Pet Toon TUB – there are many to choose from, but Kelly especially loves this one… You will see why! Kelly and her daughter Katie had fun making the bubbles to put on the puppy, the puppy didn’t seem to mind! Kelly had a great time drawing and painting in the illustrations to go with the images- a little tug boat, brush, and of course, you can’t forget the rubber ducky!


Recycle: Paper Chain Decoration

kitten plays with holiday garland paper chainA paper chain is an easy,  mess-free art project –  easy, fun cooperative learning that I used quite often when teaching Art Class in Elementary School.  You can hang paper chains as festive party decorations, or you can just make them for fun.

Christmas paper strips for paper chain decoration Step 1: Choose your paper.   We recycled my old scrapbook paper. I have A LOT of scrapbook paper that I do not use. It has been in my closet for over ten years and this will be the perfect way to recycle it.  My daughter and I looked through my very tall stack of colored and printed papers, searching for Thanksgiving and Christmas theme colors that went well together. TIP **If you are not a scrap booker, leftover Christmas wrapping paper also works very well.

Step 2:  Cut your paper. Try 1″ by 8.5 long.  Or size as needed, all strips should be the same size if possible, unless you plan to make some links smaller than others. I took my scrapbook paper to an office supply store and used their heavy duty paper cutter to cut mine into strips. It was quick, accurate and easy way to cut many at once. For small children, you may want to draw lines on the paper with a ruler and have them practice cutting their strips with scissors.

tabby kitten playing in paperchain christmas decorationStep 3: Tape, glue or staple the ends of the strip into a ring. Weave the second ring into place, and tape, glue or staple it and so on. Create a pattern with the different colors/designs and repeat the pattern. This is a great way to teach small children what a pattern is.  Make it as long as needed.

***Get creative: make a necklace,  christmas wreath,  and garland for tree. Use single rings as napkin rings for your dinner table!

We used our paper chains as festive garland for Thanksgiving and Christmas decoration for our November “recycled rescue kitten photo shoot”. The kittens really enjoyed playing in the paper chain garland. They poked their paws through the holes to pick it up and one of them got a ring stuck on its nose while trying to chew it!  It was adorable and fun. We also used paper chains to decorate the kitten cages and tables at our adoption events at Petsmart.

Here are a few photos from our November rescue kitten photo shoot with paper chains:

Christmas in July

It’s never too early to start buying Christmas Cards. Let it be Christmas in July!  Check out this LuvKelly  Christmas Greeting Card if you love PINK and KITTENS and CHRISTMAS! Your purchase will help build awareness and support for rescue kittens.
Enjoy Christmas Kitten
Enjoy Christmas Kitten

If you love RED and traditional Christmas you will LOVE this greeting card by LuvKelly Greetings!

Upside Down Christmas Kitten
Upside Down Christmas Kitten
LuvKelly Browse thousands of greeting cards on Card Gnome!

Best in Show 2015 Beagle Won

Beagle Best of Breed WKC Show
Westminster Kennel Club Image of 2015 Best in Show Winner Miss P BEAGLE Feb 16-17, 2015 This image was taken from the Westminster Kennel Club homepage.

The 139th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Show was held last month in New York City.   A beautiful Beagle named Miss P, aka CH Tashtins Lookin For Trouble, ran away with BEST in SHOW 2015 .

 In celebration of Miss P, the Beagle who won Westminster Kennel Club Best in Show, NYC in February 2015,  Kelly Richardson Images devoted her time… YES- you guessed it… to photograph BEAGLES this month!  Here are a few sneak peek images from the Studio Pets Beagle Gallery that has just been posted to the image-bank.


Here is a little trivia about the Westminster Kennel Club that you may not know:

The Westminster Kennel Club is known for its famous annual all-breed dog show held every year in NYC.  The Club was named after a hotel in Manhattan, the Westminster Hotel, where its founders, a group of sporting gentlemen met to discuss shooting accomplishments and the talents of their dogs.  The Club was originally named the Westminster Breeding Association, a kennel that raised Pointers for hunting and field trials. In 1876 the Westminster Breeding Association staged a dog show in Philadelphia to celebrate America’s Centennial.  Participating in the Centennial Show inspired the group members to change the name of the Association to Westminster Kennel Club, incorporate and hold their own dog show in NYC every year thereafter. The Westminster Kennel Club was very influential in the world of dogs and breeders. In 1884, members of the Westminster Kennel Club and the Kennel Club of Philadelphia met to establish a national governing body for dog registrations and dog shows, what we know today as the American Kennel Club.

Hurray for Miss P Beagle winning Best in Show 2015!


Undeck the Halls ?!

Christmas Kitten Tangled Garland
IMG_4149 Ashley 12-29-14 NEW

While visions of sugarplums danced in their heads…. Undeck the Halls ?  It seems as though I just finished the final touches of my Holiday decorating. Is it time to take the decorations down already?  My answer to everything… I googled it, and I found a very interesting article in the Duluth News Tribune called, “When to take down Christmas decorations?

 This article, written by Mike Creger, shares input from Duluth News Tribune Readers, as one states, “many follow the 12 days of Christmas tradition — that the first day of Christmas is Dec. 25, not Dec. 13, with decorations coming down on Three Kings Day, or Epiphany… which is Jan. 6… This was the symbol of the ending of the holiday season.”

Mike Creger writes, “As the Bible story goes, three kings, or wise men — Balthasar, Caspar and Melchior — saw a bright star on the night Jesus was born. They followed it and, 12 days later, presented their gifts to the newborn. The day of Epiphany is Jan. 6, and cultures around the world celebrate on the night before or on that day. Many customs include taking down the Christmas tree, a treat for children as they are allowed to eat the goodies laden on the tree or underneath it.”  For those that need a reason, that certainly makes sense to me.  Though I have always kept my decorations up through mid January, and taken them down a week or so after the kids go back to school.  I have to admit, there have been seasons where my family and I have left our decorations up until January 31st! We love the twinkling lights of the tree. We have even continued through the winter with just the white lights as decorations on our palm trees behind our home.  Perhaps the white lights replace the snow that we miss in Florida?!


Christmas Kitten Tangled Garland
IMG_4167 Ashley

***New images taken yesterday, “Pink Sugarplum PhotoShoot” 12-29-14 tabby kitten Ashley … one of many adorable pink sugarplum from photo shoot. These are not in galleries yet. Contact kelly to see more…

How to make a Photoshop Pattern for Christmas

Christmas Kitten Santa Hat Greeting Card
IMG_2501 Rescue Kitten Khloe, Image Available NOW

Learn how to create beautiful patterns using Photoshop, the secret behind my latest Christmas Designs – My gift to you for the Holidays! Happy Photoshopping!

Photoshop has pre-installed patterns, however you may not find what you need. You can simply make your own patterns. Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to make your own Photoshop pattern.

STEP 1: Open a new photoshop document: go to File- New. Use a square dimension such as width: 300 pixels x 300 pixels resolution 72, make background contents transparent.

STEP 2. Add Guides Through The Center Of The Document. This will indicate the exact center of our document. Go to View > New Guide.
Select Horizontal for the Orientation, then enter 50% for the Position. Click OK (you’ll see a horizontal guide appear through the center of the document)
Go back up to the View menu and choose New Guide. This time select Vertical for the Orientation and again enter 50% for the Position.

STEP 3. Make your pattern. You can create very complex patterns in Photoshop, or they can be as simple as, say, a repeating dot or circle. In this example we will use a circle to create a polka dot pattern. Draw a circle in the center of the document by click and hold on the Rectangular Marquee Tool, then select the Elliptical Marquee Tool. With the Elliptical Marquee Tool selected, move the crosshair directly over the intersection point of the guides in the center of the document. Hold down Shift+Alt (Win) / Shift+Option (Mac), click in the center of the document, then with your mouse button still held down, drag out a circular selection. Holding the Shift key as you drag will force the shape of the selection into a perfect circle, while the Alt (Win) / Option (Mac) key tells Photoshop to draw the selection outline from the center.

STEP 4. Fill the Circle with color. Go to Edit > Fill. This opens the Fill dialog box, choose a color to fill the selection with. Click OK to close out of the dialog box. Photoshop fills the circular selection with color. Go up to the Select menu at the top of the screen and choose Deselect.

STEP 5. Make a copy of the layer Go to Layer > New > Layer via Copy.

STEP 6. Apply the Offset Filter. (With just this one circle added in the center of the tile, we could save the tile as a pattern, but let’s make it look a bit more interesting before we do that- Apply The Offset Filter.  When designing tiles to use as repeating patterns, there’s one filter you’ll use almost every time, and that’s Offset.)   Go to Filter > Other > Offset. This opens the Offset filter dialog box. The Offset filter moves, or offsets, the contents of a layer by a specified number of pixels either horizontally, vertically, or both. When creating simple repeating patterns like the one we’re designing here, you’ll want to enter half the width of your document into the Horizontal input box and half the height of your document into the Vertical input box. In our case, we’re working with a 300 px x 300 px document, so set the Horizontal option to 150 pixels and the Vertical option also to 150 pixels. At the bottom of the dialog box, in the Undefined Areas section, make sure Wrap Around is selected. Click OK to close out of the dialog box.    In the document window, we see that the Offset filter has taken the copy of the circle we made in the previous step and split it into four equal parts, placing them in the corners of the document. The circle remaining in the center is the original circle we drew on Layer 1: One of the circles has been offset by 50%.Circle Pattern Photoshop

STEP 7.  Define The Tile As A Pattern. With the tile designed, let’s save it as an actual pattern, a process Photoshop refers to as “defining a pattern”. Go to Edit > Define Pattern.
Photoshop will pop open a dialog box asking you to name the new pattern. It’s a good idea to include the dimensions of the tile in the name of the pattern in case you design several similar tiles at different sizes. In this case, name the tile “Circles 300×300″. Click OK when you’re done to close out of the dialog box. The tile is now saved as a pattern!

STEP 8. Create A New Document We’ve designed our tile and defined it as a pattern, which means we can now use it to fill an entire layer! Let’s create a new document to see if it works! go up to the File menu and choose New. File- New enter 1000 pixels for both the Width and Height. Leave the Resolution set to 72 pixels/inch, and this time, set the Background Contents to White so the background of the new document is filled with solid white. Click OK.

Step 9. Add A New Layer
We could simply fill the document’s Background layer with our pattern, but that would seriously limit what we can do with it. Place the repeating pattern on its own layer. Click on the New Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers panel: A new blank layer named “Layer 1″ appears above the Background layer:
A new layer has been added to the document.

Step 10. Fill The New Layer With The Pattern Photoshop Circle patternWith our new layer added, let’s fill it with our pattern! Go to Edit > Fill > Pattern.  This opens the Pattern Picker, which displays small thumbnails of all the patterns we currently have to choose from. The circle pattern we just created will be the last thumbnail in the list.  Select the “Circles 300×300″ pattern in the Pattern Picker. Click OK to close out of the Fill dialog box. Photoshop fills the blank layer in the document with the circle pattern, repeating the tile as many times as needed.

Christmas Kitten Snowflakes Card
IMG_2496 Rescue Kitten Kimmy Image Available NOW

Dear Santa Claus … Golden Retriever Puppies please

Naughty Golden Retriever Christmas Dog

Word has it, many Licensees have written Dear Santa Claus with “Golden Retriever Puppies Please” on their Christmas Wish List! It turns out they are one of the most popular breeds in the North Pole!  So by popular demand, the KRI Elves are busy in the North Pole in their Digital Photoshop Workshop preparing Christmas Studio Pet Images that include the popular Golden Retriever breed.

Here are a few of the images that have been prepared and are ready to be licensed just in time for Christmas… in the Christmas future that is!


Golden Retriever Puppies Christmas Hats Golden Retriever Christmas puppy Golden Retriever Christmas Puppies







The KRI elves have designed a handful of adorable Studio Pet Christmas card ideas with a variety of breeds. You can see more in the image-bank or by clicking here.  Here are a few:  Great Dane, foster kitten, Australian Shepherd, Golden Retriever,  Chihuahua, and Labrador Retriever.


Great Dane Christmas Greeting CardCute Kitten Christmas Greeting CardAustralian Shepherd Christmas Greeting CardGolden Retriever Naughty Christmas Chihuahua Grinch Christmas CardYellow Labrador Christmas Greeting Card