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Labrador Retriever Puppy Photo Shoot

  Yellow Labrador Puppy Photo Shoot Our newest yellow Labrador Retriever puppy photo shoot that will capture your heart. All images are ready for license. Look through this blog post gallery for the most outstanding puppy images available online. All crop sizes available We had  three amazing yellow labrador puppy photo shoots with a local AKC Certified…
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Using Backlight Photography

  Shooting a backlit scene can be more technically challenging. Backlight photography exposure can be tricky.  And as we all know, an important rule in photography “101” is to avoid shooting against the sun. If you do, you will usually end up with either completely over exposed photographs, or a dark and indefinite shadow. However, certain subjects,…
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Photoshop Secrets – smooth out backgrounds

Making Beautiful BETTER… If you like this Image, wait until you see how it was made with a little Photoshop Magic. Here are some  of Kelly’s Photoshop Secrets Revealed… PSD Tutorial: Smooth out background, add a blue sky with two examples attached. BASIC PHOTOSHOP CS6 WORKFLOW: Please note: this PSD tutorial is not for beginners.  I…
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