Kitten Puzzle Challenge


Kitten Puzzle Challenge can be found exclusively at Barnes & Nobles

Licensing NEWS this week:  I received my kitten puzzle samples today. I am sooo excited this will be my first kitten puzzle design published. It has been produced by Ravensburger, the best, most reputable puzzle company in the world, made exclusively for Barnes & Nobles “Challenge” series. I am ready to test out this kitten puzzle challenge! Here is a link for anyone interested in purchasing the puzzle from Barnes & Nobles. Are you up for the Challenge?

There are experts out there who “live” for puzzle challenges like this,  and- though I have spent many lazy summers at the beach doing puzzles in my down time I do not consider myself an expert. So, in thinking how to attempt this kitten puzzle challenge…. here are the steps I took.  Let’s see if I can complete the kitten puzzle challenge!


  1. Spread the Puzzle pieces out and turn each one over. Separate the ends out.

    My first step was to see how big the kitten puzzle is. It is 27″ x 20″ which is bigger than my smallest table, so I will use a table in the house that it will fit on before I start. (Sorry family, I am taking over the dining room table for a little while. LOL)

  2. Second step for me is to turn each puzzle piece over and separate the end pieces to make the puzzle outline first. Wow alot of pink! soooo hard….

  3. My third step – I spent some time putting the ends together. What a sense of accomplishment! And next the easiest part of the puzzle which is SOOOO important to me  that is connected to the kitten puzzle literally as well as physically: the heart combined with my name. This stands for all of abandoned, lost, and surrendered animals that need help, care, love, that are saved by animal rescue organizations and rehomed.
  4. Identifying the eyes, noses, whiskers and fur puzzle pieces.

    My fourth step:  My kids started becoming interested in the puzzle, we worked together at dinner time. They started pulling out the puzzle pieces that had kitty eyes, and tiny noses in another. They helped me put the eyes together (right). We completed all nine of the kittens heads. Just look at these beautiful little faces! Now… you will have to stay tuned to see the finished masterpiece in a future blog!

    Close-up – what a beautiful kitten!
    Nine kitten heads Peeking out












The kittens photographed for this puzzle are from a litter of five that my family and I fostered. They were brought in just days old and bottle fed around the clock for the first two weeks with kitten milk replacement. We kept them in a box lined with newspapers and towels with a heating pad underneath half of the box. Feeding each one took approximately 15 minutes. They had to be burped and stimulated to use the potty! It would take over two hours and then they would be hungry again!! They grew up thinking we were their momma! At seven-ten days old, their eyes opened, and they started to do the monster walk! LOL  At approximately 3 weeks they learned how to begin eating kitten food and use the litter box. That was a very messy stage! We moved their bedding into the bath tub so they couldn’t climb out.  At 5-6 weeks old, they were ready to play!. We moved them into our kitty room and they loved it – playing with cat toys, running through cat tunnels, climbing up cat trees, chasing balls and tackling each other.  At 8 weeks old and over 2 pounds they were “vetted” : spayed/neutered, microchipped, tested for feline diseases, to ready for their adoption. All five were adopted within a week of their photos being uploaded to their kitten page on the rescue’s website. Their potential adopters were screened and they all went to their new homes – mission accomplished!

*****If you are wondering about the head piece for the photo shoot, here is a link to the blog post: Making Kitten Flowers Bloom

Making Kitten Flowers Bloom …

Kitten Flowers – Kittens in Full Bloom was one of the most fun photo shoots that we have done. We got very crafty making kitten flowers blooms and designed the head pieces ourselves with craft store supplies: artificial flowers, syrofoam discs, scissors, exacto knife, and craft glue. We took photos as we created to give you an idea of how it was made.  We were inspired by Mother’s Day and Summertime Sunflowers for these photo shoots. We wanted to create something special that all moms would love for products. We tried two different types of flowers: a sunflower and pink hydrangea bush flower.
The first was the large sunflower. It is sold at craft store in this huge size! The headpiece is pretty much pre-assembled, you just need to cut the center out to fit over the kitten’s head. It was fairly easy to do.
First we took the sunflower heads off of the stems. Then we went to work peeling off a few layers off the back to make it thinned. Then we cut through the top, pointing our exacto at an angle, much like the angle you use when cutting a matte for a frame.  _MG_7787We used a drinking glass as our guide to make a circle. We cut through the back layers like a star and and glued the layers into the inside to cover up the foam that was showing through.



Cute tabby kitten hiding in the middle of a pink flower bush inside of a terra cotta garden pot, photographed on an isolated white background.

The second floral headpiece was not pre-assembled like the sunflower, so it took a little more time to make. We used an artificial pink hydrangea bush stem that we purchased at a craft store. To build the base we used a green styro foam disc. We used a glass cup to trace a circle on the foam disc and cut out. Then we took the leaves off the bush. We peeled the leaves off of the wire veins and glued them on first. We left some areas of the green disc empty of the leaves, so we would have a place to secure the flowers. We added a layer of leaves to the bottom to ensure there was no green foam showing from the sides. We also used the leaves to wrap the inside center.  we kept the flowers together in their bouquet groups and stuck them in the foam and glued to secure.



Hydrangea macrophylis bush, pink flowers, with ten young tabby kittens peeking through.

We shot the pink flower kittens on white, so that we could isolated them from the background and create the pink flower kitten collage. We loved it so much we made it into a desktop wallpaper, it is on the wallpaper page for you to download. We hope you enjoy!  We would love to see this adorable flower collage become a large piece puzzle. We think both seniors and children would love it!





KRI and One Photo Saves in Total Art Licensing Magazine 2016

total art magazineWe are VERY proud to announce that Kelly Richardson has a featured article titled “One Photo Saves” in Total Art Licensing magazine Summer/Fall 2016 Issue.  Please read the article here.  This is BIG for the rescue community. This magazine publication will be circulated in several trade fairs and events to over 11,000 readers, with digital readership at over 21,000.  “My biggest hope is that this will inspire others who read this article to use their own creative talents to help rescue communities all over the world, ” kelly.
Here is a bit of information on this magazine publication, Total Art Licensing Magazine that is the “go-to” in the Art Licensing Industry, taken directly from their website:
Total Art Licensing is the only truly worldwide magazine for the ever-growing art and design licensing industries. The magazine has been published since 2003 and has become an essential guide for companies looking to take an art-based license as well as a reference for artists looking for trending information. Published in both print and digital formats in January and May, Total Art Licensing covers all aspects of art and design licensing and is distributed to key decision-making buyers,manufacturers and retailers in over 60 countries.
In addition, the magazine previews key trade fairs and events around the world and enjoys unrivalled distribution at key art licensing events including Surtex, Licensing International Expo, The New York Gift Fair, The Bologna Licensing Trade Fair, CHA, Brand Licensing Europe and the Hong Kong Licensing Show.
Digital And Print Circulation: Total Art Licensing Print Readership per issue is 11,400  Digital Readership per issue is 21,450.



One Photo Saves … How much do you know about Kelly Richardson?

rescue pet images, one photo saves, rescue photo, rescue photographer Kelly RichardsonA picture speaks a thousand words, and Kelly Richardson’s Images speak volumes for the animal rescue community.

Our Rescue Photo Program: One Photo Saves

     Kelly Richardson is committed toward helping the animal rescue community save lives. Almost all of the animals you see on this site have been saved by a Central Florida Animal Rescue Organization.  They have come to Kelly through her rescue group photo program, One Photo Saves. This program provides rescue groups with complimentary professional photos of animals that are seeking adoption.  The adorable, creative, friendly, heartwarming photographs boost rescue adoption rates, literally saving animals’ lives and create space in a pet foster volunteer’s home for more rescue animals.


rescue pet images, one photo saves, rescue photo, rescue photographer Kelly Richardson

 “As a result of the beautiful pictures that Kelly takes, our adoptions almost doubled from 2014 to 2015, allowing us to help other cats that need homes. We have had many adopters remark on how they were drawn to the cats because of the photos.” -Lisa M., *Cats-Can, Inc. Adoption Coordinator and Volunteer. 

     Kelly professionally photographs and promotes rescue animals at no cost to their caretakers – completely free to shelters, rescue groups and foster organizations in Central Florida.  She works directly with rescue group staff to photograph as many pets as possible at adoption events and shelters every Saturday.  Kelly processes the images, provides web ready files to the rescue for their websites. Kelly also shares those images via Kelly Richardson Images Facebook Page and  Studio Pets Twitter Page.
     On her website blog,  Kelly jumps at the opportunity to educate the public with her insights about rescues and shelters. She hopes that everyone is aware that once an animal reaches a shelter, their days are numbered.  “Over 3 million discarded dogs and cats are euthanized each year in the United States.  Anything that can be done to get them into homes is well worth the effort. ” -kr
     Kelly Richardson is based out of the Orlando Area, Florida, USA.  But her LuvKelly pet images have been used on pet products, packaging, cards, calendars, greeting cards, gift bags, websites and publications around the world. Her mission is two fold. First she hopes to increase adoptions of homeless animals by offering free professional photography to shelters, foster and rescue organizations. Second,  she hopes  to build community awareness for homeless and free-roaming pets, shelter animals, and rescue animals by licensing their images worldwide.  YOU can help Kelly make a difference. By licensing Kelly Richardson’s LuvKelly rescue pet images or scheduling a pet photo session, you are helping to save the lives of homeless animals.  Proceeds of all licensing sales go towards funding our rescue group photo program, One Photo Saves.

rescue pet images, one photo saves, rescue photo, rescue photographer Kelly Richardson

*ABOUT Cats-Can, Inc. Kelly Works closely with Cats-Can, Inc. rescue group Established in 2003, Cats-Can, Inc. is a local non-profit, organization dedicated to the rescue of homeless cats from the streets of Central Florida. They provide cats/kittens with vet care (vaccines, testing, spaying, neutering) and find new homes for them. They have placed over 600 cats in a single year into new homes and have successfully adopted over 8000 cats through a network of foster homes and through the Petsmart Luv-a-Pet Program in Oviedo, Florida. They are funded entirely through donations and adoption fees and all income goes directly toward the care of the cats. You can go to their website and click the Paypal button to make a donation.

Free St Patricks Day Pets Phone screen savers … get your green on!

Irish St Patricks Day Kitten © kelly richardson



St Patricks Day Pets Images free downloadable wallpaper and screen savers for your phones and tablets here. Better get some green on – on your phone at least! Don’t get in a pinch – or get pinched for that matter! Best to be wearing your green on a day like today… the leprechauns will be watching, and hopefully it will be your Lucky Day! Here are some favorite cute St Patricks Day Pets Images for your screen savers and to share.  If your lucky you just might get a KISS! see photo below 🙂 Happy St. Patrick’s Day From all of here at Kelly Richardson Images Studios. Click to go to media file and download to your phone by saving image.


Adorable Irish St Patricks Day Chihuahua Dog Kiss Me

Handsome St Patricks Day Beagle Dog Wearing a green shamrock neck tie

St Patricks day pets iphone screen saver

Spring is In the Air – Fast Facts About Kitten Season


SOME FAST FACTS about kitten season

  1. Kitten season peaks in late spring and does not end until fall.
  2. An unaltered female can go into heat every three weeks.
  3. The average size of a litter is 4-6 kittens.
  4. A female cat can begin having kittens at 4-5 months of age.
  5. One mother cat can have 2-3 litters per year, producing as many as 18 kittens.
  6. Without spaying, 1 female dog and her offspring can produce as many as 65,000 dogs in six years.
  7. One unaltered female cat and her descendants can lead to as many as over 400,000 cats in seven years.
  8. LAAS (Los Angeles Animal Services) publishes their statistics every year (not all shelters do). In 2014-2015, the report shows 8,955 unweaned kittens (kittens under 8 weeks) were taken in by LAAS. If you scroll back up, you’ll see that 4,744 of those tiny babies were euthanized: that’s less than 50% that are saved. (Compared to 70% of cats 8-weeks and older that were saved, and 85% of all dogs saved including unweaned.) [ref] . [/ref]
Many reasons to sterilize your pets.






Kitten Season – the rescue cycle begins


While volunteering for Cats-Can, Inc. last week at Petsmart, an interested person asked, where do we get our rescues? Here is an article that details how we rescue, care for, socialize, and vet our kittens/cats through to their adoption day.
Orlando, FL –   March 1, 2016 Welcome to kitten season … Cats-Can rescue already has two sets of newborns that were found abandoned by community members last week, settled in two separate foster homes, umbilical cords still attached. Their foster moms are busy making bottles and feeding every 3-4 hours.   Another two 5 week olds, will be picked up tonight. The rescue has calls and emails in daily.  Another plea for help just came in over the rescue group text – “Is anyone available to trap kittens now? There are 6 five week olds who are going to get run over in Tuskawilla, and 2 pregnant mommas.”  The kitten season rescue cycle begins…
All these rescue cats/kittens will need a deworming, flea treatment and, in most cases, medication to kill parasites present in their tummies. They will be settled in a foster home with caring, and loving foster parents who will have to quarantine them to ensure they are healthy before they can be around other pets. They will be well fed, played with, socialized and will have all of their needs provided for in their happy new “nursery” foster homes.  The rescue and foster parents will provide the medicine, the kitten milk replacement, the bottles,  the wet food, the dry food, the litter, the toys, their homes and love and care for as long as needed until the kittens are adopted.
All of the rescued cats and the kittens over two pounds are taken to the favorite Orlando area non-profit vet clinic  SpayNSave where they are “vetted”.  They are dropped off in the morning by their foster parent. While at the vet, they will be spayed/neutered, tested for feline diseases, given their first set of shots and/or rabies if applicable, micro chipped, nails trimmed and given a 30 day flea treatment. They are picked up in the afternoon by their devoted foster parents to recover, and within days they will be available for adoption.
The cat’s foster parent brings them to the adoption event every saturday at Petsmart from 11-5 until they are adopted. The foster will place them in a cage for the day, and will come back to pick them up. They will have a cage card and will be available for adoption to approved families. They will meet, play with, get hugs and love from the curious children and Petsmart patrons who come to visit each Saturday.  And they will eventually meet their forever family when they are chosen.
They will get their photo taken the first time they come to Petsmart. A photo shoot takes place every saturday from 1-4 during the adoption event. Fellow foster and volunteer, Kelly Richardson (- that’s me! -) sets up the in store photo shoot with a cardboard box in the kitten room using a soft fleece blanket, a few fun, decorative holiday props, available flourescent light, her Canon Mark III and her favorite fixed lens 100 mm macro. With the help of Cats-Can high school volunteers, they set to work placing one kitten at a time in the box, playing with feather teasers and making funny noises to get the cat’s attention until the purr-fect photo is taken for their web page.  photoshoot tutorial: How to Make a Photo Box
“We take anywhere from 10-20 cats/kitten photos a week during kitten season. One day, I photographed 22 cats and kittens. Last weekend we photographed 12 and kitten season is just starting! The photos really help get them adopted. Many people are shopping online and the website that Cats-Can uses feeds into popular pet search sites. I edit and upload the new kittens and cats’ images onto the site within days of the photo shoot and almost immediately we start getting online applications from families that want to adopt. Seeing the families come to pick them up, knowing the kittens are going to live indoors in homes with good families, seeing the smile on their faces when they find their purr-fect friend- makes my day!” – Kelly Richardson.
Here are a few favorite Cats-Can rescue pet images that were photographed at Pet Smart 2-27-16 by Kelly Richardson. All of these images, advertisements,  along with weekly photo shoots are donated by Kelly Richardson.  Advertisement above created by Kelly Richardson for Cats-Can Rescue website and Cats-Can Facebook page. © Kelly Richardson 2016.



Be Mine Valentine … save a heart – an abandoned kittens heart

rescue kitten abandoned kittens found in a truck wheel

Be Mine Valentine … Toss the candy and help save a heart

Many kittens are left abandoned in front of pet stores and vet offices by our community in hopes that someone will help them.  The animal rescue groups receive phone calls and emails daily. Unfortunately when there is no rescue available to pick them up, they are taken to high kill county shelters, and in most cases euthanized.  I am hoping that we can change that by raising awareness in our communities for the rescue kittens, and help fund rescue kitten organizations that will not turn them away. Help save abandoned kittens and cats.
Here’s how you can help.
    • Donate time, money and supplies to your local cat rescue.
    • Practice and teach responsible pet ownership by spaying and neutering your own pets, even if they never go outside. As soon as a kitten is 8 weeks old, and two pounds they can be safely altered with a speedy recovery.
    • Practice TNR- which means trap, neuter, return.  If you know where a feral colony exists, be proactive and become a responsible community member by helping to trap them, have them spayed, neutered and vaccinated, and release them back into their habitat. If just one female cat is left intact, she and her offspring can produce thousands of cats. If you don’t help, who will?
    • Volunteer for an animal rescue. If possible, foster an entire litter, or volunteer to bottle-feed homeless kittens. Or even better yet,  foster hard-to-place adult cats, who seldom get adopted during kitten season.
    • Adopt a cat, especially an adult one. If you opt for kittens, keep in mind that 2 are better than 1!
Kelly Richardson volunteers as a kitten foster and photographer for several no-kill cat rescue groups in Orlando, Florida.

Purr-fect Holiday Gifts for Pets

Kitten in Glitter christmas gift bag
Kitten in Glitter christmas gift bag

It may seem silly, but if you are a bona fide pet lover you probably have a Christmas Stocking hanging on your mantle for your pet, just as I do! We spoil and love our pets as if they were our children.  They provide unconditional love and never talk back!

Kitten in Glitter christmas gift bag
Though at times, our pets can try our patience and be a little NAUGHTY … For the most part, I would have to say my pets are NICE!

Here is a list of my TOP 10 Holiday Gifts for Pets that I guarantee will be a big hit with your pet on Christmas morning!

1. Ever thought about a pet sling? We found  Hugamonkey Adjustable Classic Dog Cat Pet Sling, Medium, Black
A fellow rescue friend says that to help tame and socialize the feral kittens/cats that we rescue and prepare them for adoption, she carries them around her home with a sling! I love the idea- helping them adjust to human surroundings close at heart – literally! free 2 day shipping!

2. This kitty tower:  Go Pet Club 77-Inch Cat Tree, Brown/Black
is sure to make your indoor cat feel outdoors and will definitely deter it from scratching your precious furniture! Check this big daddy tower out, and it is 66% off- a great bargain in time for christmas.



3. Give your cat a Christmas gift that you will benefit from! Gone are the days of scooping with this

Litter-Robot III Open-Air – Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box  This is definitely on my wish list!

4B00A3A0GB0.  Coordinate your pets pajamas to match yours on Christmas Morning! I love these!!! Classic Holiday Nordic Matching Pajamas for the Whole Family, Dogs Medium





5. Traveling with your small dog? This will help your pet stay out of trouble when you are spending time with family and friends … Pet 45″ Playpen Foldable Portable Dog/Cat/Puppy Exercise Kennel For Small medium Large. The Best Indoor And Outdoor Pen. With Cary Bag. Easily Sets Up & Folds Down & Space Free


6. If you want to camoflauge your cat’s litterbox into a piece of furniture, this is Purr-fect! Check it out! Merry Pet Cat Washroom / Night Stand Pet House




7. This is an adorable little dog house any pampered pooch would love… Merry Pet MPS002 Wood Room with a View Pet House

8. PERSONALIZE it!  Check out this store we just found, it is called    We found personalized food mats, toy baskets, treat jars, food bowls +more

Personalized Meal Mat for Dogs - Doggie Delights - 12127Personalized Dog Toy Baskets - 12141Personalized Dog Treat Jar - Doggie Diner - 13335Personalized Dog Food Bowls - Doggie Delights - 12129

9. BUY the  TOTAL Package in a gift basket. Let someone else do all the work for you… has pre-made gift baskets for your special dog.  But we are sad they forgot about our sweet kittens and have no baskets for cats…. 🙁 Must send them a note from Santa to please have their Great Arrival elves make a basket for kittens and cats next year!

All About Your Pooch!: Pet Dog Gift BasketYou & Your Pooch!: Pet Dog Gift BasketPuppy Power: New Pet Gift Basket

10. This Holiday Harry Barker is feeling festive…  With a name like Barker you can bet this store has a lot of unique gifts for dog lovers… Here are a few traditional designs that caught our eye…

Red & White Stripe Dog Play Balls Gift BucketSanta BucketBowtie Biscuit Tin


****ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kelly Richardson is a photographer and animal welfare advocate in the US. She licenses  LuvKelly pet photos to bring awareness to pets that are homeless, surrendered, and abandoned in high-kill shelters in need of rescue.  She resides in Orlando Florida and works with local rescue groups in the surrounding area, donating her photography for pet web pages to help get pet adopted. She also volunteers at adoption events and is a kitty foster mom.  Please contact her for more information if you are interested in licensing any pet photos.

HELP SUPPORT the kittens that we foster. Purchase this adorable Christmas card:

Christmas Glows with love Kittens

Christmas Glows with love Kittens

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