How to Photoshop Tutorial: Shape Collage with one Image

Photoshop tutorial: create a shape collage from one image.

Click to Download the tutorial with steps, images and screenshot examples.

We will use the NEW Photoshop’s Guide Layout to help divide the image into smaller sections. This is a very hand tool to learn as it can be applied to many other designs that need an instant grid. You must have Photoshop CC to use this method.   Here is the image before and after:

Photoshop tutorial: create a shape collage from one image. STEPS

Step 1: Create a new document go to File>New  set width 12 in, height 12 in, resolution 300, white background

Step 2: Add a new layer and name it Shapes

Step 3: Make a 3 x 3 grid with gutter, and margin around edges:  go to View>new guide layout

  • set column number to 3 leave the width field empty, set gutter to 80 px

  • click rows, set number to 3, leave height empty, set gutter to 80 px

  • make sure preview box Is selected.

  • Add margins around edges of document: click in the margin checkbox, then set each of the four options top, left, bottom and right to 160 px.

  • Click ok

Step 4: Draw the shapes: select the rectangular marquee tool from the tools panel to draw in shapes. Drag selections around different squares in the 3 x 3 grid begin at one corner and drag to make rectangle. To add press and hold shift key to add next rectangle to it. Continue adding each shape so that all 4 rectangles and center square are selected as one.

Step 5: Fill in the selection with black go to Edit>Fill set contents to black, normal and opacity to 100% click ok.

Step 6: remove the selection and the guides to remove go to Select>deselect. Go to view>clear guides

Step 7: Add a drop shadow to the Shapes Layer. Select shapes layer, click on layer styles, choose drop shadow, settings: blend mode: multiply, opacity 40, angle: 135, use global light, distance 50, spread 0 ,size 50. click ok

Step 8: Open the image you want to use in Photoshop. Go to select>all... go to edit>copy

Step 9: Paste image into shape collage: Switch over to the shape collage document by clicking on its tab.Go to Edit>paste special>paste in place Photoshop pastes and centers the photo in the document. You will see it as a new layer above the shapes layer.

Step 10: create a clipping mask. Select the small menu icon in the upper right corner of the layers panel. Choose create clipping mask. This clips the layer directly in the layer below it.

Step 11:use free transform to resize and reposition image. make sure image layer is selected, Go to edit>free transform pres and hold shift as you drag a corner to lock the aspect ratio. Press enter when done.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  Show your support and help your local animal rescue.

Kraft Azalea Park Outdoor Location for a Photo Session


_ri_5290_8x10cKraft Azalea Park is a a great destination for an outdoor location photo session, but it is no secret! – It seems all the local photographers know about it. We went out on a Thursday at 4 pm hoping it wouldn’t be as crowded as a weekend.  There were several photographers out this day. One photographer brought a leather ottomon couch as a prop for a family photo session, with a few light reflectors and lights. Unfortunately for us, they were set up right in the front of my favorite back lit area.   Meanwhile, a couple was getting married in front of the large tall columns.  We waited patiently. As we walked around, we saw the many photo opportunities there are: beautiful scenery with tall trees with moss canopies, a lake behind, boardwalk, park benches and more. Through the shade of the trees, there were many lighting opportunities available. Sidelighting, backlighting and frontlighting – every shot lending itself to a new lighting condition.

The gallery below are a few sample photos taken in this outdoor location: beautiful greenery and trees, park bench, and columns. We used afternoon lighting in the shade which gave a warm tone to the photos.

Outdoor Location: Kraft Azalea Park: 1429 Alabama Drive, Winter Park, Fl 32789

BELOW: An alternative outdoor location: THE NEIGHBORS YARD!
In a pinch, you will find yourself wandering outside your own home to find a great outdoor location. It may not be your own yard, but if you look hard enough you will find a good spot.
We didn’t have enough time in the day to make a trip to Kraft Azalea Park before the Homecoming dance, so we looked around a little and discovered our neighbor’s yard!  I just don’t know if Kraft Azalea Park can top the beauty of the colors in this landscape – the way they compliment her plain colored dress, and the pink in the landscape repeating in her skin tone.  What do you think?


Kittens Calendar Fundraiser Donated by KRI


I am proud to have created and produced the Kittens 2017 Calendar for my favorite local rescue organization Cats-Can, Inc. It is their first Kittens Calendar Fundraiser  (as well as mine).  It was definitely a learning curve as I went along. And alot of fun and hard work went into it.  Many people in rescue have asked how did we go about getting this fundraiser off the ground, where do you start, how to do a calendar fundraiser. Here is a breakdown of the steps I took to make the calendar and the timeline I used.

How to do a Calendar Fundraiser

libertycreativeprinter1. APRIL 2016: Find a Printer I met with several printers to get sample calendars, looking at print quality and price.  Once we chose a printer, Liberty Creative, we set up a meet to discuss our non-profit fundraiser goals and he gave us a great idea. He suggested getting local area businesses to help sponsor the calendar with business card ads. He showed us an example of how another non-profit did this. In this way, the sponsors help pay to print the calendar and they get to advertise their businesses at the same time. We pursued this idea immediately.
2. 3calendarsample2JUNE 2016  Marketing materials for Sponsors In order to get local area businesses to consider what we had to offer, we had to make samples and ordering packets for the rescue group members to use. I set to work on creating  marketing materials and approximately 15 packets for each lead volunteer in the rescue group. The packets included the following:  an order form with several different types of ads that could be purchased in different sizes and price points, a sample calendar page showing the quality of the images and real life sizes of the ad spaces, and an envelope to collect the sponsors order forms and payments. We also created a life-size laminated calendar page to use as an example with business card ads at the bottom. I gave this to the adoption event volunteers to advertise at the adoption events every Saturday.
3. JULY & AUGUST 2016 Getting sponsors Getting our lead volunteers to feel comfortable asking businesses to sponsor a calendar ad was very difficult to say the least.  Luckily, myself and a few other willing volunteers came through. We only had 14 paid sponsored ads, however it was enough money to pay to print 500 copies of our calendar and that is a great start! We were proud to say that the rescue organization will not have to pay anything to make and print 500 calendars and that ALL of the proceeds will go to help the cats.
4. AUGUST & SEPTEMBER 2016 Calendar Wizard and InDesign : In order to save money for the rescue (to not have to pay several hundred dollars in printer set-up charges), I decided to create and produce the calendar myself- it was a great undertaking.  I really wasn’t sure what I was gettng into or how to begin. So I asked. And again, we got the help and advice of our favorite sales rep Mike at Liberty Creative. He told me that his printer guys use Calendar Wizard.  I wasn’t really sure what that was so I googled it and figured it out. This is where the learning curve came in…  I had to learn how to use InDesign along with adding the extension: the Calendar Wizard. The Adobe InDesign Calendar Wizard is a javascript extension to Adobe InDesign which adds calendars to an InDesign document. The free calendar Wizard extension can be found here. I am a Photoshop user so it took a few days before I realized how to use In Design. Then,  after donwloading the Calendar Wizard extension, it took several attempts before I was finally able to create the correct layout which left enough space at the bottom for our business card ads. There is an area in Calendar Wizard where you can customize the parameters of the layout of the calendar grid, the sizes of the squares, font, color and more.   Once I figured out how to leave space at the bottom and the settings i needed,  the Calendar Wizard automatically did the rest: everything including holidays.
covervote5. SEPTEMBER 2016 Adding Photos The next step was carrying over my InDesign calendar months into Photoshop where the FUN begins and I spent many, many, many, long sleepless nights…. and days choosing and inserting the kitten images that went on each page, along with the business card ads at the bottom.   The hardest part was choosing the best images that went on the calendar: the large featured kittens and the cover kitten. I was helped by the owner of the  non-profit to make a lot of those decisions. We collaborated back and forth via text. And for the cover image, we had a poll on Cats-Can Facebook page. I made an ad with the images of the 12 kitten months and the CCi audience voted over a two day weekend. The winner is shown: sweet Milowe in denum jeans. In the advertisement at the bottom of this page, you can see a small image of each calendar page with many images added in there.
6. OCTOBER 2016  Printing the Calendar The final step was saving the calendar, according to the printer specs: pdf, etc etc.,  and then back and forth a few times with proofs from the printer until we finally got our calendars printed. Hurray! it only took a week and they were in.
lr_fbkittenad2_8x107. OCTOBER 2016: PRICING & marketing the calendar…: Just when you think all of the work is done, the most important step still needs to take place. Now we have the task of marketing the calendar and hoping that the rescue group will be able to sell all 500 before Christmas.   I made several ads for the Rescue to use on their home page of their website and also their facebook page.  I also made a 16×20 poster to be used at adoption events.
Now YOU can help support Cats-Can kittens: The calendars are available for a donation of only $12 or you can get 2/$20 at Cats-Can, inc adoption events in the Petsmart, Oviedo. They can also be ordered with a donation of $15 or 2/$25 (that price includes shipping) through paypal on Cats-Can Inc website by clicking here.



Here are the pages from the calendar so viewers can see how we customized each month with images inside the grid, and how the sponsored business card ads look at the bottom.

Design Design Halloween Cards

halloween20161050x350We love our friends at Design Design for licensing these adorable images from us. Both of these images have a very special place in our hearts and we couldn’t be happier that they were chosen to be published on greeting cards by Design Design for Halloween 2016.

ddidogwwebpageWe especially LOVE the pirate dog… who is MY very own pet! He just had a birthday on October 19th, he turned 12 years old! We celebrated with a huge meat patty and candles.  The photo of him as a pirate was taken a few years ago. He is alot grayer now and has white around his cute little muzzle. He is 12 years old!
ddikittenwwebpageThe pumpkin kitten peeking out of the pumpkin is very meaningful to our family and our cause. The kitten, named Pink, was one of the very first kittens we ever fostered. We got her and her siblings when they were only 2 weeks old. We raised them with bottles and KMR milk. As they grew, we video’ed them learning to walk, and photographed their milestones.  As they reached 8 weeks old and were ready to be adopted, the rescue group we fostered for asked for photos of them for their webpage. So we went to work.  It happened to be October and we had many Halloween props laying around the house as decorations. The felt pumpkin lid on Pink’s head was actually a headband that belonged to my daughter that we took it apart!  The pumpkin was a hollow pumpkin decoration that we cut open. My children assisted me with the shoot. We teased them with our feather teasers and played hide and seek with the props. They loved the photo shoot- to them it was FUN playtime.  We sent the photos in, and the entire litter received applications to adopt online within 24 hours.  That is when we discovered that taking professional photos of the rescue kittens got them adopted very quickly. And that in turn makes room in foster homes to help save more.
Now, my family and I  donate free photography to animal rescues all over the Central Florida Area. We created a program called One Photo Saves. We photograph approximately 50 -100 cats/kittens a month, edit the images and provide them to the rescues for the animal’s web pages at no cost whatsoever to the rescues.  We work with several groups, but our most favorite group that we foster for is Cats-Can. We foster kittens for them, and help out at their adoption events almost every Saturday.  We work with their rescue staff at their adoption events and photograph cats and kittens that are there.  We hope that it will help them get adopted sooner.  The rescue group has told me their adoption rates have almost tripled in the last year.  It feels great to give back to the community, save rescue animal’s lives and place them in good homes,  and create beautiful images that can help spread the word for our cause- to save rescue animals!


Balloons make it FUN

Dudley Orange Pomeranian Wearing a Birthday PArty Hat

Kelly Richardson Images has an assortment of props, such as the balloons in photos shown in this post, that are photographed and isolated in Photoshop. These prop images can be licensed with the pet images. As you can see ballooons make it much more FUN!

Yellow Labrador Puppy Birthday photogrpahed on white, wearing a birthday party hat.

The image right: Yellow Labrador Puppy photographed with yellow party hat isolated on white background, balloons, and balloon curly ties under foot were added to design in separate layers.
You can license these images in “pieces” as individual layers (upon request) and move them around anywhere in the photo to suit your product sizes, whether it be a horizontal or vertical space you are trying to fill up.
Here is another example form the new Pomeranian Puppy Shoot with adorable Pom Puppy photographed with Birthday hat on its head, background color and balloons were added in Photoshop.


Labrador Retriever Puppy Photo Shoot


Yellow Labrador Puppy Playing Christmas Decoration IsolatedYellow Labrador Puppy Photo Shoot

my awesome assistant, my daughter

Our newest yellow Labrador Retriever puppy photo shoot that will capture your heart. All images are ready for license. Look through this blog post gallery for the most outstanding puppy images available online. All crop sizes available

We had  three amazing yellow labrador puppy photo shoots with a local AKC Certified Labrador Retriever Dog Breeder, who shared her sweet puppies with us. We got to watch them grow as they turned 6 weeks, 8 weeks and 10 weeks.   They were playful, relaxed, sleepy and my daughter couldn’t get enough hugs and kisses as she helped me with the shoots, as you can see from the photo of her with one of the puppies. If all of the puppies were not already adopted, I am betting we would have taken one home!
We photographed a variety of puppy images with fun props that will be suitable for ads, greeting cards, and any products that need a loveable, huggable,  kissable puppy on  them! We began with some isolated images and then took a few with a baby blue background, burlap and purple.  These images are hot off the press.  Kelly Richardson Images has been editing through hundreds of images and choosing only the best to present to our licensees.
Here are our most outstanding images available to license now. please go to the Image-bank to get the downloadable PDF for Art Submission. All images ©kelly richardson 2016, all rights reserved.

Pomeranian Puppy Shoot

lr_ad700x400_ri_pompuppies2 Click here for a quick tutorial on how to use Photoshop CS6 Refine Edge tool to select animal hair perfectly.

Pomeranian Puppies: Dudley and Ella

NEW isolated images of  a beautiful fawn colored, fluffy, long hair groomed Pomeranian Puppy named Dudley and his little sister black and white Pom puppy Ella. We dressed these pups up with reindeer ears, autumn leaves, Birthday hats, Santa hats, and much more.  Here is an example of how an isolated image can be so versatile for designers on products:

Here are some of our favorite images from the photo shoot put together in a gallery. Licensees can go to the IMAGE-BANK to download a PDF Art Submission of all of the BEST images from the shoot.

Rescue Kittens Calendar – Labor of Love

kittens calendar
Facebook Fans for Cats-Can, Inc rescue org voted over the weekend to choose the cover image for the Rescue Kittens 2017 Calendar
Kelly Richardson is donating time, talent and over 60 adorable kitten images to produce a Kittens calendar for her favorite non-profit rescue organization, Cats-Can, Inc. It has become a labor of love, bringing back many memories for her of each foster kitten that she fostered. Last year alone, Kelly fostered over 60 kittens for the rescue organization.
The calendar is almost finished. Kelly is wrapping it up with the last, most important part: designing the front and back covers. The hardest part is choosing one favorite image for the cover. So Kelly asked for help from the Cats-Can Facebook Page Fans over the weekend.
Voting began Friday 9/9 on the Cats-Can, Inc.  Facebook webpage and today the winner was announced- #6 Milowe the kitten in blue jeans won the cover of the CCI/KRI Kittens Calendar! Here were the tallies:#6 received approx. 33 votes, #5 got 14, #7 got 12, and #9 got 13 votes.
Kelly is back to work finalizing the cover hoping to send it off to the printers this week!  This will be Cats-Can’s biggest fundraiser of the year.  Cats-Can  and Kelly Richardson Images were able to collect enough sponsors for the calendar to pay for the printing of approx. 500 calendars. So we are happy to say, 100% of the sales of the calendars will go directly to the rescue for the cats and kittens care and medical expenses. We hope everyone can help support the cause and purchase a rescue Kittens calendar for 2017.

July photoshoot

This July we celebrated our Country the United States of America, our Freedom and the Rescue our adorable furry foster kitten friends.  We also helped save the earth and used recycled July 4th decorations in our photo shoots.  We used this awesome red, white, and blue table runner (that was originally purchased for our kitchen table) from our favorite store Target. It is a mock-up of the US flag. We draped it over our home made L shaped foam core photo table, and began luring the kittens over for some playtime! Here is our favorite funniest image from the shoot. In this photo little Almond kitten was balancing on her back legs, and reaching up for the feather teaser. As she was doing so, we made a noise, that she paused to look at with her paws down – and at that very moment we will able to snap the shutter and get this amazing shot. She is so funny and cute! She forgot she had the bow tie on because she was so focused on playtime.



Best Dad Ever Design for cards …

Tabby kitten playing inside brown men shoes, white background

Inspired by Father’s Day, we used my children’s father’s shoes for this shoot! Nothing beats a pair of worn out brown leather men’s shoes as an excellent prop for a photo shoot.  Best Dad Ever Design for cards was born. We used an isolated background for several of the images. And we also used a burlap background for several. Kittens naturally migrate toward the shoe laces, so we had no problem arousing their interest for these photos and they had a great time playing.  We hope to see best dad ever designs published on greeting cards for dads for father’s day, birthday and more.

Surprise dad this father’s day by adding the best dad ever image to his desktop with our wallpaper! Click here to get the free desktop wallpaper.

We added a few of these to our card store Card Gnome if you are interested in purchasing one as a card for your dad or grandpa, here is a link to our store and samples.


Kitten Love You Dad
Kitten Love You Dad
Kelly Richardson

Father's Day Kitten on Dad's Shoes
Father’s Day Kitten on Dad’s Shoes
Kelly Richardson

All profits generated from selling these best dad ever kitten greeting card on card gnome go directly to help fund “one photo saves” and the foster kittens that Kelly helps care for.