Things to do in NYC

Things to do in NYC

We found many things to do in NYC.  It was the kids first time so we walked Times Square, went to the amazing Toys-R-Us, and hit all of the famous landmarks such as Ellen’s Stardust Diner – home of the singing wait staff (kinda like some of the scenes in Glee), the Tonight Show, and much more. We then took the underground Subway system to the Yankee Stadium and watched a game.  We had great weather with no rain.  Too tired to see a Broadway Show, so we saw one Tuesday Night instead. We saw Wicked and it was great! On Wednesday we had another free day and took advantage of it to go sightseeing. We went to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  Be aware, if you want to go to the top of the Statue you need to book months ahead!

Surtex set-up

Surtex Booth Photo Banners and tableSet-up day at Surtex 2014

We flew in Friday morning and went straight to work.  Being too early to check-in our hotel we took advantage of our time and went straight to the Javitz Convention Center to set-up.  We checked the banners in as luggage on the plane and had to worries with receiving shipment at the docks, so we were ready! It was quick and easy with my family to help. Everything measured up  as it should.  We used command strips and they worked perfectly, easy to take off the wall panels without tearing the banners, which we plan to reuse the banners for Licensing Expo in June.  I knew exact measurements thanks to Surtex and Cathy Heck Studios who provided a useful Webinar to all exhibitors about booth set-up pre-show in the months before. Now set-up is done we have a free day on Saturday with plans to explore Times Square, eat at Ellen’s Stardust Cafe and see the Yankees play!


Puppy Posh banners are ready!

Surtex Banners
Surtex Banners

Puppy Posh is well represented. Whew! Another two banners ready for Surtex and Licensing Expo.  Wow I actually have to cover 9 panels for Surtex which means 9 banners of art work and these are big! 37×86 inches big.  The hardest part is deciding which adorable studio pets to feature on those banners! I have so many cute puppies and kittens and they all want to be seen!  Luckily I will have at least 500 studio pet images available in hard copy portfolio for licensees to view in addition to my featured collections. These can also be seen in my image-bank.

Join the puppy posh Party!

ArtBuyerhalfpagead_KellyRichardsonImages3Join the puppy posh Party at Surtex booth 352 and Licensing Expo D10.  Puppy Posh and all of her studio pet friends, along with creator Kelly Richardson will be there waiting to meet you for the first time ever!

All of the Collections on the home page slider will be featured with lots of product mock-ups- the artwork is amazing and adorable!

MinnieThis is your chance to meet Minnie, the puppy that can fly!  Minnie will be in NYC in May and in Las Vegas in June for the party. She and her owner will be celebrating wrapping up creating, writing and illustrating this adorable children’s book ready to be published.



KellyLOGOpinkWe hope that you can come by! There are still appointment times available, please contact Kelly to make an appointment today!





Up Up & Away Birthday Friends

puppies and kittens floating in the sky with balloonsThis is the Up Up & Away Birthday Friends Collection- it just keeps evolving on and on and has become out of this WORLD! Tossed into the mix the beautiful sunny yellow in the sky – and speaking of tossing, look at that adorable toss pattern that was created with all of these little creatures.  The creativity and possibilities are endless and so much fun to make.  Up Up & Away will be debuting and featured in Kelly Richardson’s booth 352 at Surtex 2014 in just a few weeks away.  May 18-20…  Come visit Kelly in NYC! If you miss it in NYC, no worries, check out the collection at Licensing Expo 2014 in Las Vegas June 17-19th.

Holiday Collection

Kittens in snowKelly Richardson will present a new Holiday Collection of puppy and kitten photography with patterns and lots of other winter pet images for the SURTEX SHOW this spring and at the LICENSING EXPO this summer! This Collection will debut in Kelly’s Booth SNOWY DAZE!   Adorable puppies kittens staying warm in the snow!  Love, Love Love it! Love kelly


Surtex Banner Preparation


Banners printed for surtex showSurtex and Licensing Expo Show Banner preparation is going great!  Here are the first four… Whew, time to take a breather and then go create some more!  Counting the days – it will be soon:) Surtex Show Booth 352 May 18, 19 and 20th in NYC. and then just three weeks later the Licensing Expo 2014 Booth D10 June 17-19th in Las Vegas.  My banners will be 86 inches tall and 3 feet wide. These are huge files- my HP and cs6 is plugging along like a little trooper.  Can’t wait to hang these up.

My Surtex Journey: Importance of Prints and Patterns

Diva Kitten pattern and border

My Surtex Journey: A Photographer’s Perspective on The Importance of Prints and Patterns by Kelly
I never realized the importance of prints and patterns in relation to my Art- Photography.  It was not until I became interested in licensing my Studio Pet Images across multiple product categories that it became clear to me – a single image can not stand alone.   But,  how much cuter can a photo of an adorable kitten wearing a ballet skirt and pearls be? Through my journey in preparing to license my Art at Surtex and Licensing Expo this year, I have found that adding repeated prints and patterns to my single image can make it much, much cuter and much more marketable and versatile to suit a wider range of products
Diva Kitten is her name. She is a beautiful tabby kitten wearing a tulle ballet skirt with pearls sitting so perfectly on a white background.  She is very stylish and trendy and oh, so cute!    I thought I could present Diva Kitten to the world as she is, as sweet as ever, and hope for licensing deals in stationery, possibly notebooks, poster.  But I really had high hopes for Diva Kitten.  I just knew she had the ability to make a little girl smile and deserved to be center stage in a little girls’ world.  So how do you take a cute, stylish, trendy fashion forward kitten and turn her into wrapping paper for a little girl’s birthday party? matching paper plates and napkins?  How about a shower curtain and bath accessories for every little girl who loves kittens?
It would seem Diva Kitten would look very lonely and small on a large shower curtain.   So the question that needs to be answered is, how can I enhance the design to suit the products I would like to license the image on?
The answer is simple:  add a repetition of elements: colors, lines, and shapes.   Create more elements to enhance the design, then repeat them and create patterns with them. Luckily, in my case,  I had just what I needed to help Diva Kitten and give a variety to the design.  I had many more images from the photo shoot and chose one with Diva Kitten standing wearing pearls.  Then I spotted one of my props- a pink purse that matched perfectly, so I photographed it, and inserted it into the design.  I used these three images to create a repeated print, a pattern, and added stripes of color.   Now Diva Kitten loves to shop, and is ready for the shower!
Here are three tips I learned in my journey.
TIP #1: Learn how to use the off-set filter to create prints and patterns in Photoshop
TIP#2: Use Product mock-ups! When placing your design on a product mock-up, you get a better idea of what elements are needed to enhance your design and fill the space.  Manufacturers will get a clearer idea of how they can use your design.
TIP #3.  Do your research.  -SHOP!  Look around while shopping at the products you want to see your image on, and you will see the use the repeated prints and patterns.  They will jump right out at you.

Up Up and Away – Friends come to Celebrate

Puppy Floating in Sky with BalloonsCupcake Puppy invited all of her friends to her Birthday Party.  Unfortunately they were so tiny that the party balloons carried them Up Up and Away! Making for another great photo op for Kelly Richardson Images!!!!  This new Collection is called “Up, Up and Away”.

Yum, yum, yummy x 3 + colorful balloons = CELEBRATION!

Puppy Eating Cupcake PhotoYum, yum, yummy x 3 + colorful balloons +party Hats = CELEBRATION! Kelly debuts her new collection for “Love Cupcakes” at Surtex in May 2014.  This Celebration just keeps evolving and is becoming HUGE!

The Celebration Collection is available for licensing on stationary and gift, tableware birthday plates, cups, napkins, etc. and so much more! There are many colors, patterns and prints to choose from in a variety of designs with mock-ups available.  Inquire using the contact form and Kelly will give you more amazing Art to look at.