Best in Show 2015 Beagle Won

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Best in Show 2015 Beagle Won

Beagle Best of Breed WKC Show

Westminster Kennel Club Image of 2015 Best in Show Winner Miss P BEAGLE Feb 16-17, 2015 This image was taken from the Westminster Kennel Club homepage.

The 139th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Show was held last month in New York City.   A beautiful Beagle named Miss P, aka CH Tashtins Lookin For Trouble, ran away with BEST in SHOW 2015 .

 In celebration of Miss P, the Beagle who won Westminster Kennel Club Best in Show, NYC in February 2015,  Kelly Richardson Images devoted her time… YES- you guessed it… to photograph BEAGLES this month!  Here are a few sneak peek images from the Studio Pets Beagle Gallery that has just been posted to the image-bank.


Here is a little trivia about the Westminster Kennel Club that you may not know:

The Westminster Kennel Club is known for its famous annual all-breed dog show held every year in NYC.  The Club was named after a hotel in Manhattan, the Westminster Hotel, where its founders, a group of sporting gentlemen met to discuss shooting accomplishments and the talents of their dogs.  The Club was originally named the Westminster Breeding Association, a kennel that raised Pointers for hunting and field trials. In 1876 the Westminster Breeding Association staged a dog show in Philadelphia to celebrate America’s Centennial.  Participating in the Centennial Show inspired the group members to change the name of the Association to Westminster Kennel Club, incorporate and hold their own dog show in NYC every year thereafter. The Westminster Kennel Club was very influential in the world of dogs and breeders. In 1884, members of the Westminster Kennel Club and the Kennel Club of Philadelphia met to establish a national governing body for dog registrations and dog shows, what we know today as the American Kennel Club.

Hurray for Miss P Beagle winning Best in Show 2015!