Month: November 2016

adorable studio pet photos

Holiday Card Collage with just one image

It’s that time of year! Many families are getting family portraits done for their yearly Holiday Cards.  If they are like me, they love that creative collage look that you see for custom greeting cards, but also like the simplicity of using just one photo. Here is something unique and special you can create if…
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How to Photoshop Tutorial: Shape Collage with one Image

Photoshop tutorial: create a shape collage from one image. Click to Download the tutorial with steps, images and screenshot examples. We will use the NEW Photoshop’s Guide Layout to help divide the image into smaller sections. This is a very hand tool to learn as it can be applied to many other designs that need an…
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Kraft Azalea Park Outdoor Location for a Photo Session

  Kraft Azalea Park is a a great destination for an outdoor location photo session, but it is no secret! – It seems all the local photographers know about it. We went out on a Thursday at 4 pm hoping it wouldn’t be as crowded as a weekend.  There were several photographers out this day. One…
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