Month: December 2015

adorable studio pet photos

Lighten up your Holidays Colorizing Tutorial

SEEING TOO MUCH RED? Let’s have some fun! Try this colorizing tutorial to lighten up your holiday. It would be a shame to pass on this cute kitten image because there is too much red – just look at those BIG eyes- this is a PURR-fect photo. We can simply change the image to Sepia and then colorized it to a more…
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Studio Pet Toons Christmas

  Kelly Richardson has hundreds of Studio Pets in her image-bank and wanted to JAZZ them up a bit- in a newly trending “coloring book” sort of way. Suddenly,  Studio Pet Toons was BORN!  We are celebrating Christmas in the “Studio Pet Toons” Studio.  Along with our newest Studio Pet Toons Christmas Greeting Card, we…
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Purr-fect Holiday Gifts for Pets

It may seem silly, but if you are a bona fide pet lover you probably have a Christmas Stocking hanging on your mantle for your pet, just as I do! We spoil and love our pets as if they were our children.  They provide unconditional love and never talk back! Though at times, our pets can…
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Cats and Christmas Trees

Cats and Christmas trees can be a dangerous combination. It can be very challenging to keep a cat out of a Christmas tree during the Holiday season. It looks so inviting to a cat whose natural instinct is to climb a tree. But it is best to be very cautious. Christmas trees come with many hazards…
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Recycle: Paper Chain Decoration

A paper chain is an easy,  mess-free art project –  easy, fun cooperative learning that I used quite often when teaching Art Class in Elementary School.  You can hang paper chains as festive party decorations, or you can just make them for fun. Step 1: Choose your paper.   We recycled my old scrapbook paper.…
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