Give your old Recycled Ribbon a Swirl …

Last year, at the end of Fall Season, I stumbled upon a close-out of Halloween and Thanksgiving themed spools of wired ribbon at my favorite craft store: Michaels.  I knew there would be a use for them so I purchased them and stored them away.  This year, as I was unpacking my fall decorations, there they […]

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How to Make a Watermark Brush

HOW TO MAKE A “WATERMARK” BRUSH In previous tutorial, I have explained how to make an action to place a watermark exactly in the center of your image. You can batch edit and watermark hundreds of images at a time with the action. So, why would you want to make a watermarking brush? It is […]

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How to Scatter Leaves… digitally

  November is here. The beautiful, vibrant colors of Fall will soon be a distant memory.  Mother Nature brings cool air and the leaves fall – scatter everywhere. This Photoshop tutorial will teach you how to “digitally” scatter leaves.  You will need Photoshop CS6 to use this tutorial. It consists of several parts, so get ready, set, […]

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