Month: October 2015

adorable studio pet photos

Halloween Boo … from the Phantom Kitty

With just days before Halloween, it’s time to get the fun rolling with some Halloween BOO.  What is a Halloween BOO? It is one of my family’s most favorite traditions at Halloween time!  The kids see it as a way of getting away with the old “ding-dong-ditch”.  I see it as a way of spreading…
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A Cat and a HAT, how silly is that?

A CAT and a HAT, how silly is that? Don’s miss Kelly’s NEWEST Collection of over 50 teeny, weeny, rowdy, pouty, silly, nilly, furry, purry,  tawny, yawny, itty, bitty, kitty CATS and … cuddly, snuggly, lovey, dovey, fancy, pantsy, silly, nilly, fuzzy, wuzzy, sissy, kissy, missy HATS. CATS and HATS PDF download available in the image-bank What’s Sillier than…
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Bring in the focus with a splash of color – colorize tutorial

This is a fun way to bring extra attention to a particular area of a busy or almost too colorful image.   It will definitely “draw” the viewer’s focus to exactly where you want it to be on the image. Colorizing in Photoshop can be accomplished in many different ways, this is just one way…
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