Month: September 2015

adorable studio pet photos

Add Bokeh Background

  Capture the Colors of Fall with natural brown, rich red, orange and yellow hues.  Add Bokeh background to enrich your original image, adding more color and dimension.  In this Photoshop Tutorial we will be capturing a small part of our image that lends itself to creating a beautiful bokeh background – the colored berries.…
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Add Background Texture

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial: CAPTURE the Colors of Fall: How to add  texture and depth to enhance your FALL images with more dimension and color.   Our AFTER image LOOKS GREAT by adding a little texture and depth to the background. Here is how we did it: add background texture to create depth and richer hues. The…
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Capture the Colors of Fall – SEPTEMBER

Capture the Colors of Fall with earth tones and rich reds, oranges and yellows.   LuvKelly Recycles 2015 = “Save the Kittens + Save the Earth” campaign continues … *LuvKelly Recycles Photoshoot for SEPTEMBER. The adorable kittens photographed above are two from a litter of four that were found abandoned in a house in Mims.  They were rescued…
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Watermark Action Tutorial

Creating a watermark action for any image orientation and size. This is very important and better than any watermark action I have seen because it will place your watermark in the center with an automatic alignment feature. No matter what size your image is, the watermark will always be in the center. See image above. **Some…
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In the Kitchen with Sugar and Flower – AUGUST

LuvKelly Recycles 2015 = “Save the Kittens + Save the Earth” campaign continues … Each month Kelly Richardson and her team of caring assistants are creating a special pet photo shoot using recycled items that can be found around the house with rescue kittens that were saved and fostered by volunteers at local no-kill rescue organizations in Orlando.…
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