Month: August 2015

adorable studio pet photos

FOCUS on saving lives… How to photograph Rescues

Photographed above is Momma Serenity and her five Siamese mix babies.  Foster mom Melissa assisted Kelly to help get these amazing photos. The photos are used for each animal’s page on the Cats-Can, Inc website which feeds to Adopt-a-Pet and several other adoption sites statewide. As of August 26, 2015, the photos have been uploaded  online for just two days…
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How to make a Photo Box

In PREPARATION for a Rescue Photo Shoot, it is important to come to the store prepared. The photo box should be made ahead of time.  Here is a tutorial with pictures of how to make a photo box. This is the actual photo box that Kelly uses to take photos of cat/kitten rescues every weekend at Petsmart.…
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