Studio Pet Toons celebrate Cinco de Mayo

cinco de mayo greeting cardNew Art has been added to LuvKelly Studio Pet TOONS Greeting Card Collection to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Be among the first to license Kelly Richardon’s NEW innovative Pet Toon Greeting Card Collection. This unique greeting card style has endless possibilities with the enormous collection of studio pet images that Kelly has. Great dane christmas cardThere is one for every holiday, season and occasion, hand picked from Kelly’s many studio pet images. GCPT_1452i_SQbdr What are Studio Pet Toons? The fun part about it is that the designs combines digital art cartoon like accents to the all familiar photo of an adorable pet.  Pirate dog greeting cardConsumers can’t resist how cute and fundamental they are. It’s more than just a photo.  birthday puppy in tub cardGET IN ON THE FUN! Studio Pet Toons ARE what’s IN! 

Here are a few new Studio Pet Toon greeting card designs inspired by Cinco de Mayo upcoming holiday. All LuvKelly Designs can be made to suit manufacturer’s product specs and changed if necessary. There are many other “Cinco de Mayo related” studio pet images in the image-bank with some not posted yet. Simply contact Kelly and specify in your inquiry that you would like to see more Cinco De Mayo Pets and/or Studio Pet Toons.

 Here is a link to the Studio Pet Toons page to see more samples.

Our Girls are Boys… changing kitten names

Black and white kitten in wainter snow hat hanging up by stringsA few days ago we featured our newest foster rescue kittens in the blue jean denim photo shoot. We had them since they were just 10 days old, and when we got them we were told they were girls.  We gave them the kitten names Penny, Carly and Pippa.  They were about to be “vetted” and almost ready to go home with their prospective adopters. Oh dear, on Monday the day of their vetting, a few hours after I dropped them off,  the vet called me.  At first I became worried that one of them had a difficulty with the surgery.  But then I learned the reason they were calling is because my girls were all boys! Hahaha!  It was very surprising to say the least.  We had to quickly come up with new kitten names,  “boy” names for their medical records… We went with Benny for Penny,  Charlie for Carly, and Pip for Pippa! It didn’t change a thing for their new adopters.  They were still on board whether they were boys or girls:) I just hope they didn’t buy too many pink blankets for their new fur babies!

Winter Snow Hat – MAY

Christmas kitten bookmark

For MAY, we are featuring three rescue kittens in my daughter’s favorite winter snow hat.  The rescue kittens are Penny, Charlie and Pippa and believe it or not, they are all siblings. They have been in foster care since they were just three weeks old and are very much used to humans. They love to play and are very social and unafraid.  They enjoyed hanging out in our props and snuggling in the warmth of the snow hat. 

The materials we used: I love this hat, because it is very soft, has great woven yarn texture and we could flip it upside down and hold the ties from above like a purse.  The kittens loved being in the soft, warm, comfy hat so much, they almost fell asleep during the shoot!  The creme color of the snow hat  made it purrr-fect for us to experiment with different colored backgrounds. We used old fleece blankets clipped to our backdrop in yellow, purple and blue.

*LuvKelly Recycles”: Using recycled materials for our Photoshoots with Rescue kittens- we love the earth and our kittens!

*To RECAP: For the entire year of 2015, Kelly Richardson Images has chosen to create a monthly rescue kitten photo shoot with all natural materials and recycled items that can be found around the house. We are going green in an effort to raise community awareness for the planet earth and for the innocent kittens and cats that are in need of rescue. We hope to encourage our communities to recycle to help save the environment, save energy, and help reduce air pollution and greenhouse gasses that depletes the ozone layer of the earth; We hope to raise community awareness for kittens on death row in county shelters, and get help and support for the private rescue organizations that save them,  take them off death row, foster them with adequate supplies, attend to their medical needs and find them a furrr-ever home.

So far these are the featured monthly photo shoots we have done this year:

We couldn’t help ourselves and made the snow hat images into beautiful LONG poster images. These are AWESOME for BOOKMARKS too! Check these out, here are our favorites. To see more in 5×7 FULL greeting card size, click here to go to the Image bank!
In Pocket full of Love, our previous post, we showed how we used JEANS as our recycled, household, “natural green” material. We simply clipped a pair of my husband’s old favorite jeans to a backdrop stand and placed kitten in the back pockets.  Secondly, we cuffed the bottom of the jeans and placed kitten inside the boot legs.  Images from this photo shoot can be seen in the LuvKelly Denim Kitten Gallery.

Pocket full of love – APRIL

recycled items for photo shoots save rescue kittens


As winter comes to a close, and we begin to put our jeans and winter clothes away (some of us do in Florida anyhow, 91 degree today!) we chose to feature JEANS as our recycled, household, “natural green” material for this months photoshoot: APRIL – a blue jean pocket full of love. Luckily these new little foster kitten critters were only 1.4 pounds and tiny enough to fit inside the pocket of my husband’s favorite old jeans.  The Luvkelly Denim Blue jean kitten gallery has just been added to the image bank, so please have a look!

Meet Pippa, Carly and Penny, our newest foster rescue kittens.  This litter of three kittens was found on the side of a busy road in Orlando rush hour traffic in a box. A passerby driver said that the car in front of them pulled over and put the box on side of road, then left. He says he saw the mother jump out of box, and then get run over.  He pulled over, checked the box, found the three babies and called the rescue. These three sweet little girls have been with us since they were only ten days old and only 5 ounces, with eyes that just opened.  We have enjoyed being their mommy, bottle feeding them every few hours as they grew and grew.  Now they are fully weaned and over two pounds! They are just about ready to go to a furrr-ever home.   They are happy, loving and simply adorable!  All three are scheduled to be “vetted” and will be available for adoption April 18th!  Both Pippa and Penny have already been pre-adopted! Carly, the black kitten with white socks, is still available, and as you can see, she loved playing in the pockets and is very playful and frisky.   She is so cute,  funny and full of love.  She gives kisses and is very social. I will surely miss them, but have to make room to save more kitten’s lives!  KellyLOGOpink

Legend of the Easter Bunny – MARCH

easter kitten in bird nest
Penny Playing in Bird’s Nest. 18th Century German folklore say children left out nests on Easter Eve for the egg laying hare “Osterhase” to lay its magical colored eggs.

According to folklore, the legend of the Easter bunny was brought to America in the 1700’s by German immigrants. German folklore believed an egg laying hare called “Osterhase” left children colored eggs on Easter morning. As part of the tradition, children made nests and left them out on Easter Eve for the creature to lay its colored eggs.

Easter Kitten
Ally playing in a modernized 21st century colorful, glitter filled Easter basket. Even the Easter grass has a polka dot pattern!

As the tradition spread to America it has evolved through the centuries. Now, an Easter basket is filled by more than just colored eggs on Easter. Modern day Easter baskets are very decorative and colorful, are made out of a variety of materials: colorful woven straw or wood, plastic, and some are made of canvas, and woven cloth.  Modern day Easter baskets almost always contain candy: chocolate bunnies, chocolate chicks, chocolate eggs, even chocolate kitty cats!   In America, Easter has become the 2nd best selling candy Holiday after Halloween. Sometimes even gifts are included in Easter Baskets: gift ideas include no sugar alternatives such as children’s books, plush toys, itunes cards and much more.


Motivated by Easter, Kelly planned several LuvKelly Kitten Easter Basket photo shoots:

  • A spring nature-inspired butterfly and bird nest photo shoot specially created for the month of MARCH to coincide with the LuvKelly Recycles Campaign.  We recycled a twig wreath, some bird feathers and a soft brown blanket. we covered the twig nest with a soft brown cloth and feathers to make it nice and soft for the kitten to sit in.see Penny playing in bird’s nest above left.

  • A soft and inviting neutral burlap with old-fashioned speckled eggs photoshoot

  • A bold and bright blue background, with sequin Easter garland and polka dot patterned paper grass.

 To see over 50 new Easter Kitten images click here to go to the image-bank!

Easter cat
Easter Cat Book titled, “Here Comes the Easter Cat”. Books make great sugar free gifts on Easter.

We researched Easter Kitten Books for our cat lover readers. These make great gifts for grandchildren, nieces and nephews, sons and daughters and is a “healthy choice” that contains NO SUGAR!

Here is a link to my Pinterest Album that contains Easter Kitten Books for Kids. 






Easter Dangers for Cats

Easter Kitten Greeting Card
IMG_7140 Ally Easter Kitten playing in all natural and safe Easter Grass.

Easter is a fun time to decorate with beautiful spring floral arrangements and enjoy life’s little pleasures on Easter morning … like  chocolate in the Easter basket!   However if you’re kitten is as mischievous as the rescue kittens I foster:  teething, tasting, playing and biting everything in sight, there are common Easter Dangers for cats you need to know about.

The first and most important danger that you should know is how lethal the Easter Lily plant is for cats.  Please think twice before decorating with an Easter Lily plant… Easter Lilies, and all members of the Liliaceae family of plants are listed as one of the most toxic Easter dangers for cats.  Between 50-90% of cats that ingest Easter Lilies die from poisoning.  Just one leaf is all it takes to cause kidney damage to a cat. Symptoms of Lily poisoning include: loss of appetite, vomiting, lethargy, and ultimately kidney failure.  If your cat ingested this plant, contact your local veterinarian asap. Please don’t give them as a gift to anyone with cats!  Instead decorate and or send Easter Orchids, Easter Cactus, Daisies or Violets.

Secondly, the Easter Basket can contain items that can make your cat very sick such as chocolate and plastic grass.  For this reason, please be sure to keep all chocolate self-contained and/or out of reach from your pets. Symptoms of Chocolate poisoning in your pet may include: hyperactivity, restlessness, muscle twitching, vomit and or diarrhea.  Plastic Easter grass is non-digestible if eaten. I recommend to use paper grass. It is safe for them to eat, chew and play with.

Twin Kitten Easter Greeting Card
IMG_4861 One of a series of cute images of twin Hemingway kittens playing in a basket together. Go to image-bank to see more.

Do something fun for your cat this Easter – Create a “Cat safe” Easter Basket for your cat! A traditional natural wooden basket will do with paper straw inside-  kittens love to play hide and seek inside them. Though, your basket doesn’t necessarily have to be a basket. You could even use a new cat bed or cat food bowl as the basket. Fill it up with cat friendly toys such as catnip toys, catnip bubbles, plastic easter eggs filled with temptations, tunnels, mice toys, a laser, feather teasers, a cat grooming brush, and a new cat collar.

How to make a real cast shadow Photoshop Tutorial

easter puppy wearing bunny ears
GC_1908 Easter Puppy Greeting Card

There is a drop shadow feature that makes a shadow instantly in Photoshop. However if you would like to know how to make a more natural cast shadow, one that looks more realistic – a long shadow that anchors the subject to the background, try this cast shadow photoshop tutorial.

1. Open an image in photoshop and remove it from the background. OR license an isolated KRI Studio Pet PSD file, like the images featured on this page, and you can skip this step! Click here to see Easter Studio Pets in Image-bank!

2. Create a standard drop shadow. Use the Layers style button, select drop shadow. A few tips here: choose a color for your shadow to match your background objects in image. Play with sliders to soften the shadow to your likeness. Click ok.

3. Put the shadow on its own layer: In the Layers Panel right click on the little “f” on the right of the layer name. You will see a drop down menu. Choose the option to “create layer”.

4. Distort the shadow layer: Press Ctrl T to free transform, select “distort” from the menu. Reposition the top handles as necessary.

puppy with bunny ears
IMG_2248 Chihuahua Puppy Zeke wearing bunny ears

NOW YOU HAVE A BASIC CAST SHADOW. to improve on it, and add more realism to your shadow, continue with these steps.

5. Replicate how a “real” shadow gets softer as it goes farther away.  Duplicate shade layer (Ctrl J). Turn off visibility of bottom shadow. Select top shadow to soften. Choose Filter>blur>guassian blur to blur shadow to your likeness.

6. Add layer mask to your top shadow. Use gradient tool, set colors to black and white (Ctrl D) choose linear foreground to background.  Select the mask, drag gradient tool 1/4 way from bottom to 3/4 way to top up to blend the two shadow layers. Set top shadow opacity to 50-75%, bottom shadow to opacity 30%.

** Is there a shadow that you want to hide? Use layer mask and paint it away with a black brush.

extra credit: Observe real shadows in natural environment. Notice and learn the following: how the shadows change in the distance, notice direction of the shadows and sun, notice how shadows appear on different surfaces.