Valentine’s Day Kitten Photo shoot

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day KittenIn celebration of Valentine’s Day, Kelly Richardson Images added a special LuvKelly Valentine’s Day photo shoot to our schedule this week. The theme of the shoot is rescue kittens we LOVE.  Here is a link to the Valentine Kittens in the image-bank.

Valentine's Day KittenUsing bright pinks and reds, Kelly captured the kittens in an irresistible way, showing their playful nature as well as their innocent adorableness!

Here are a few of our favorite “hot off the press” Kitten Images. These have been mocked-up as Valentine Greeting Cards. We hope you LOVE them! Want a closer look? Contact Kelly.




Valentine's Day Kitten

Valentine images available to purchase as posters – Fine Art America follow link by clicking on image below.


Valentine's Day Kitten Poster
Valentine's Day Kitten Poster
Valentine's Day Kitten Poster

Luvkelly kitten images raise awareness and money to help local rescue organizations to rescue, socialize, vet, foster and re-home as many homeless cats and kittens as possible to avoid them from going to a high kill shelter. A portion of the proceeds generated through selling these printed images will go directly to help save abandoned kittens.

Sponsorships Save Kittens

Cute Rescue Kittens we have savedSponsorships Save Kittens

Click to find out how you can help and show some LOVE for Valentine’s Day! 

In July 2014,  with the financial support of her husband, Kelly Richardson became a “Little Paws” kitten sponsor/foster in Orlando. In just 6 months time, she has helped save 22 kittens. AND  has provided a grand total of over 2000 kitten meals and over 200 bottles of kitten formula!  

Sponsorships can help save kittens, by giving financial support and care. At times, rescue groups may come to a point where they must turn away cats/kittens if there is no money to fund their care, and no foster home for them to go to.  If these kittens are not rescued, their fate may lead to high kill shelters, where they will be euthanized.  A rescue organizations’ “sponsorship program” provides a means by which a person or entity can save a homeless cat/kittens’ life by providing for their care, for a specified cat, or litter of kittens.

What is a sponsor?  Kelly became a “Little Paws” Sponsor and Foster : helping to provide love, care, food, bottle nursers, KMS kitten Formula, pet wipes, Pedialyte, medication, litter, litter boxes, blankets, pet beds, cat toys, tunnels, scratching posts, and a stable home for kittens birth through 12-14 weeks (until they are adopted).

During Quarter 3 and 4, July thru December 2014, Kelly sponsored a grand total of 22 kittens: a momma cat with 7 nursing babies, Baby M, Sonny, Cher, Mickey and Minnie, Violet, Kimmy, Khloe, Kourtney, Leo, Pink, Connor, Boots, Mary Kate, and Ashley.

We are proud to say that we provided approximately 2000 kitten meals, and over 200 bottles of formula.

  • 6 – cases (24 per case) of canned kitten food

  • 6 – 16 pound bags of dry kitten food

  • 400 pounds of cat litter

  • 2 nursing bottles

  • 4 bottles of Pedialyte

  • 6 cans of KMS kitten formula

  • 4 litter boxes

  • 400 pounds of cat litter

  • 4 kitten beds, 10 fleece blankets

  • 2 scratch posts, 1 scratch mat, 2 kitty tunnels

  • 1 high quality litter mat

  • 2 bottles of over the counter medicine

  • over 20 cat toys

How can you help?

Locate your local kitten rescue groups and ask how you can be a sponsor.




For the Love of Lace – FEBRUARY

Kitten and Lace Photoshoot
Rescue Kitten “Lacey” Hemingway Tabby, 8 weeks.

In keeping up with our 2015 campaign: LuvKelly Recycles= save the earth+save the kittens,   this week’s rescue kitten photoshoot was a lace kitten photoshoot.  Quite a change from last month’s Burlap and Boxes! Inspired by the past, this delicate, feminine and intricate material  is our choice for February, symbolizing everlasting LOVE in a beautiful vintage way. This lace kitten photoshoot is a beautiful, soft, romantic way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The beauty of lace is that it is ornamental, openwork fabric, so other colors and materials can be layered underneath the lace to create beautiful textured images. We took advantage of this during our photoshoot and created three separate “LOOKS” using the lace as the main material.

First, we curled the lace up around the kitten, using a white background underneath. This way we could focus on just the lace material and the beauty of the kitten’s face.


Valentine Kitten
Lacy foster kitten is from a litter of six that were found abandoned in trash bags in a dumpster at a Burger King. She is a beautiful tabby Hemingway.

we used a vintage metal canister that had a lace pattern to compliment the lace material. This, of course, ending up serving two purposes – creating a beautiful double dose of lace texture, while helping to keep adorable Lacy kitten in place!

white kitten and lace
Rescue Kitten Timothy’s beautiful white fur helps keep our attention on the textural quality of the lace and the subtle touch of color we added.

Third, we added some color layered behind the lace. We tried a variety of colors for February: red, pink and purple with the lace on top. For this Look we used white rescue kitten Timothy. His eyes really pop out of the picture, and his white fur helps retain consistency and attention to the lace, and the subtle introduction of color to the image.

Here is a link to the Love of Lace Kittens in the image-bank.

***The materials that we used for this photoshoot are items we picked up on sale: White Lace Tablerunner, and vintage white lace metal canister – both purchased from Hobby Lobby in their “Spring Shop” that I have been using on my kitchen table all year!
Orange Kitten Bookmark
Noah, adorable and sweet foster kitten is Lacy’s brother. He is an orange tabby with white socks!


LOVE is in the Air … Puppy Love that is!

StudioPets by Kelly presents “Love is in the Air” Valentine Cards available for license for future Valentine’s Days! Puppy ClotheslineLove is in the Air – lots of puppy loe that is! Get on board and take flight with Kelly’s NEW adorable and colorful Studio Pets’ Valentines. Kelly has combined her most popular studio pets images with child-like marker colored heart valentines and graphic effects to create the perfect Valentine Card. These are great for Valentine packs for kids at school to trade on that special Valentine’s Day.  Make an even bigger impact by printing the marker colored heart valentines as 3-d pop up shapes, or glittered designs -possibly a craft kit for kids to create!  Who can resist such cuteness?  More designs available, contact Kelly for more information. (These brand new designs are not in the image-bank.)

Want a closer look at these designs? Here are a few to peek your interest! Contact kelly to see more.